(Closed) Plane & Pilot: Southwest's Midwest Takeover @ KMDW - 052000ZFEB17

How is the flight in 20 minutes? It’s 2000z which is 12:00 PST in my time. It’s currently 8:50 am.

put me at a17 please sounds like fun

I need a gate assignment

@Dossym_Makhanov @AppleOneGT
Thanks for coming. See you at 2000Z.

I will be there in a Boeing 737-800

I will add you:-)
Thanks for coming!

Got any room for one more plane?

Yes sir, just come to the gate after B19:-)

Can I have a gate please I will be southwest 98 heavy

Yes, Come to one of the gates after B19.

Hey, a little short notice but I need a gate too

Are there any currently available

Just use a gate after B19:-)
I will add you to the PM.

Thank you! I’ll go in now.

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Awesome game man!!! A group of us left KMKE a little late and fell behind! I had lots of fun and I hope everyone else did too!


Thanks for the feed back! We do this every Sunday!

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Cool, I’ll be there when I can!

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Thanks for coming everyone!



@Gavrilo Here are my pics. My first attempt at Live landing shots.image