[Closed] Plane & Pilot: Rocky Mountain Derby @ CZPC - 161700ZJUN18

Hello pilots,

Welcome to the highly requested sequel of our Colorado River Race event! This weekend we will be hoping into our Citation Xs and zooming through the high and rocky mountains of Montana, the Region of the Month! We will start at CZPC and cruse over the Rocky Mountains at a low altitude of 8,500 feet to S69, while doing touch and goes along the way. The first pilot to land at S69 wins, so make sure to be as fast as you can! Everyone is welcome! Just post below and we will add you to the list.


Server: Casual

Aircraft: Cessna Citation X

Airport: CZPC

Flight Time: :30

Date / Time: June 16, 2018 5:00 PM


  • Must stay below 8,500 feet MSL

  • Must use assigned aircraft, gate, and callsign

  • Must do touch and goes at MT60, 8U4, and 3U7

  • Must be respectful to all contestants

  • If any of these rules are broken, the contestant will be disqualified

Flight Plan: The flight plan for this race is fairly basic due to the fact that you will have to stray from it in order to avoid mountains, and because there aren’t many fixes in the area. You are welcome to use a different flight plan as long as you do touch & goes at MT60, 8U2, and 3U7 and stay below 8,500 MSL. When doing touch and goes or landing, always use the runway most direct to the route.


WPT CZPC MT60 8U4 3U7 S69

CZPC Gates:
GA Hanger 1= @PlaneCrazy (official)
GA Hanger 2= @jakevaz423
GA Hanger 3= @AIDoLS (official)
GA Hanger 4= @Starley (official)
GA Hanger 5= @GolferRyan
GA Hanger 6= @rylan5300
GA Hanger 7= @Kate_Russell
GA Hanger 8= @puma30498
GA Hanger 9=
Waterbomber Ramp 1= @Rynjil_H
Waterbomber Ramp 2= @Playr_Mar
Waterbomber Ramp 3= @AgusAeromexico
Waterbomber Ramp 4= @JulianQ
Waterbomber Ramp 5= @wakanda
Waterbomber Ramp 6=
Main Apron= @Mazen_Selim
Terminal Gate 1= @Bajisa

RMD01= @PlaneCrazy (official)
RMD02= @jakevaz423
RMD03= @AIDoLS (official)
RMD04= @Starley (official)
RMD05= @GolferRyan
RMD06= @rylan5300
RMD07= @Kate_Russell
RMD08= @puma30498
RMD10= @Rynjil_H
RMD11= @Playr_Mar
RMD12= @AgusAeromexico
RMD13= @JulianQ
RMD14= @wakanda
RMD16= @Mazen_Selim
RMD17= @Bajisa

Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions, just let us know. Please be present on the community during the event.


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Sign me up! Sounds awesome.


GA Hanger 5 and RMD05 are yours, thanks for coming!

ill join! gonna be a good race! any specific livery?

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Sign me up, I’m up for the sequel.

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Sign me up for this event please!

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Sign me up sounds fun

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@Kate_Russell @sk28 @Cjthew91 You’re all signed up, see you there!

@rylan5300 You can use any livery, thanks for coming!

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Can I join @PlaneCrazy?


Yes sir, I will sign you up! See you there!

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Yes sir, this sounds challenging. May I have a gate please.


Waterbomber Ramp 2 and RMD11 are yours, thanks for coming!

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Very happy to see all of the attention this event is getting! It’s going to be a great race! :)

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Thank u very much, I’ll be there.


Only 4 more days until this exciting race! Make sure to sign up!

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Yet another round of twists and turns and diving at hundreds of mph down a mountain feet above the ground.


I hope I don’t crash on a small hill again when I handled flying up and down mountains and through canyons.


may i be there for it?


Of course, I will assign you a gate now. Thanks for coming, remember to be present on this site during the event.

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I’ll take a gate please!