[Closed] Plane & Pilot Patterns: Norwegian Waters @ ENTC | 141730ZSEP19

Ladies and gents, next weekend we will take you to the astounding land of the Norwegians. It is a country of some of the best nature Europe, dare I say the world has to offer.

Chosen by our very well deserved and committed member of the month @Jens_Severin, we will be flying pattern for an hour at ENTC, which is an airport near Tromsø, on the western shore of the island Tromsøya

Server: Training

Aircraft: SAS 737 and 738

Airport: ENTC

Date / Time: 2019-09-14T17:30:00Z2019-09-14T18:30:00Z

Notam: Keep at least 4 nm spacing in between each other. Listen to all ATC Instructions.

Remote 1: @Kian_Abbasi
Remote 2: @Jens_Severin
Gate 16: @anon82246052
Gate 17: @gabe_z
Gate 18: @PlaneCrazy
Gate 19: @Mr-plane-guy1
Gate 20: @Jet_Airways_995
Gate 21: @Edivan_dcds
Gate 22: @Luca_Arrowsmith
Gate 23: @anon36571935
Gate 24: @Gtmkm98
Gate 25: @KC3DLL

Standby Gates:
LT AS Hangar: @Sashaz55
A hangar: @Poopsidoodles
A stand:

ATC: You must be a member of Plane & Pilot ATC in order to control at this event.
1730-1800: @Jens_Severin
1800-1830: @Airbus_737
Reserve: @casta08

Thanks for checking our our event! If you want to join just post below!

About Plane & Pilot ATC

Our ATC Division has been up and running for over a year now and we strive to provide the best quality service while maintaining a certainty of professionalism. Our members are the key face behind Plane and Pilot Patterns and have provided excellence in every event! We make sure that each of them is highly knowledgeable and skilled in different types of operations so that they can help make our events run smoothly, and offer full training in both tower/ground and approach/departure fields so that our members can be fully prepared for IFATC training and tests. If you would like to join us, please fill out this form:


Event Credits

Coordinator: @Kian_Abbasi

ATC manager: @Kian_Abbasi

Original Idea: @Cbro4

Planning Team: @PlaneCrazy [CEO], @Starley [Photographer], @Peter_S, @Mattheus [Media Manager], @Kian_Abbasi

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I’ll take a gate please:-)

I’ll take reserve ATC.


I‘ll take a gate!

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Please sign me in :)


Sign me up please! Thanks :)

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Sign me up please, I might not make it but I’ll try my best

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I’ll take a gate!

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I’ll take a gate.

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@PlaneCrazy gate 18, see you then!

@Niccckk unfortunately ATC has already been taken, would you like a gate?

@Mr-plane-guy1 gate 19 for you sir, thanks for joining!

@Jet_Airways_995 gate 20, see you then!

@Edivan_dcds gate 21, thanks!

@Luca_Arrowsmith gate 22, hope you can make it!

@anon36571935 gate 23, thanks for joining!

@Gtmkm98 gate 24, see you then!


Hey MR.COO can I get a gate please ig.

If it’s ok with @Jens_Severin

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No Mr COO my I want the last gate I’m better 😂

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@KC3DLL & @Sashaz55 there are enough space for both of you :)

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Please can I take a gate?

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Hey please can I take a gate?

@KC3DLL no. Joking, gate 25 darl.

@Sashaz55 haha, gonna have to throw you on LT AS Hangar, see you soon!

@Poopsidoodles welcome to the community!! You can be on A hangar :))


2 more hours until we start! Can’t wait!

sorry, I just realized that I can’t attend. 😪 personal matters.

I also can’t attend 😔

How to spectate this event! Im new here and im learning.

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