[Closed] Plane & Pilot Patterns: Montana Mountains @ KMSO | 041400ZMAY19

Plane & Pilot Patterns!

We are headed off to the stunning Missoula Intl Airport (KMSO) which lies right in the heart of mountainous terrain in Montana. KMSO has an interesting pattern which looks great fun to fly (see below). This airport has very recently undergone a brand new rework in the most recent update by our very own @PlaneCrazy and features fantastic views as we fly patterns in a valley surrounded by mountains.

Event Details

Server: Training

Aircraft: Cessna Citation X (any livery)

Airport: KMSO (Missoula Intl Airport)

Date / Time: 2019-05-04T14:00:00Z2019-05-04T15:00:00Z

Notam: Keep at least 4 nm spacing in between each other. Please follow all ATC instructions



Standby gates:

ATC: You must be a member of Plane & Pilot ATC in order to control at this event.

1400Z-1430Z: @Niccckk
1430Z-1500Z: @AviationJack
Reserve: @Dwane_S

Thanks for checking our our event! If you want to join just post below!

About Plane & Pilot ATC

Our ATC Division has been up and running for over a year now and we strive to provide the best quality service while maintaining a certainty of professionalism. Our members are the key face behind Plane and Pilot Patterns and have provided excellence in every event! We make sure that each of them is highly knowledgeable and skilled in different types of operations so that they can help make our events run smoothly, and offer full training in both tower/ground and approach/departure fields so that our members can be fully prepared for IFATC training and tests. If you would like to join us, please fill out this form:


Event Credits

Coordinator: @Kian_Abbasi

ATC manager: @Ryan_Vidad

Original Idea: @Cbro4

Planning Team: @PlaneCrazy, @Starley, @Ryan_Vidad, @Peter_S, @Mattheus, @Kian_Abbasi


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Good work!
I’ll try to join, but I don’t assure nothing.

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I would like any gate please

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I’ll control 1530-1600Z, please. 👍

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Can I get a gate please :)

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I can control! Remember our deal Kian.

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I’ll take a gate please! Can’t wait!


It looks challenging lol, that visual approach. It will be fun

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@anon45851224: No problem, I’ll put you on a stand by gate, you’re on Gate 1A, hope to see you there!

@Captain_Adri: You’re on Hanger 28, see you next week!

@Niccckk: Got you controlling first half, would you like a gate afterwards and join in?

@KC3DLL: You’re on Hangar 27, thanks for joining!

@PlaneCrazy: Hangar 30 for you, see you then!


Sure thing, I’ll take in a gate after my controlling session.

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Thanks for the Stand by gate!

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@Niccckk you’re on Hangar 26, see you then!

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Can I be reserve #2 and since I probably won’t control I will take a gate.

There will be only one reserve, but PM Kian so he will let you know if reserve is available.

You all will be very pleased with the Missoula area I’ve lived there my whole life and it’s awesome and such a unique, expensive, and unpredictable place. The approach here at KMSO especially for airliners is very difficult but if you have flown in to Missoula IRL or haha just look at the picture above it gets a lot more simple. Enjoy!


Here are some photos ive taken there. Like I said before its very pretty here

I’m so glad Missoula international is finally being used to host an event!


That’s brilliant!!! I’ve never been there but it’s definitely going on my to do list! Thanks for the info. Wanna grab a gate whilst you’re here? :D

@Sashaz55 GA East 21 for you mate, see you then!!!

@Gabe_Z sorry about that, you’re on GA East 22, thanks for joining!

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Can I join? Put me at GA east 32

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