[Closed] Plane & Pilot Patterns: Cessna Practice @ UAAA - 251400ZMAY19

Plane & Pilot Patterns are taking you to Almaty Intl Airport in Kazakhstan! UAAA is 2300ft up above the sea level, and lies at the base of some beautiful mountain ranges. Join us in flying the glorious but rarely flown 172 around this amazing airport!

Server: Training

Aircraft: Cessna 172 (any livery)

Airport: UAAA

Date / Time: 2019-05-25T14:00:00Z2019-05-25T15:00:00Z

Notam: Keep at least 4 nm spacing in between each other. Listen to all ATC Instructions.

Gate 01: @Kian_Abbasi
Gate 02: @PlaneCrazy
Gate 03: @KC3DLL
Gate 04: @Sashaz55
Gate 05: @Niccckk
Gate 06: @Captain_Awerty
Gate 07: @Airbus_737
Gate 08: @Aviation-21
Gate 12: @Ryan_Vidad
Gate 13: @N319CL
Gate 14: @Rishon_R

Standby Gates:*
Apron 60: @BlueFish
Apron 59: @ThiagoEJ
Apron 73: @Feurum
Apron 72:
Apron 71:
Apron 58:
Apron 57:

ATC: You must be a member of Plane & Pilot ATC in order to control at this event.
1400-1430Z: @Gabe_Z
1430-1500Z: @Sashaz55
Reserve: @TheWalkingFruit

Thanks for checking our our event! If you want to join just post below!

About Plane & Pilot ATC

Our ATC Division has been up and running for over a year now and we strive to provide the best quality service while maintaining a certainty of professionalism. Our members are the key face behind Plane and Pilot Patterns and have provided excellence in every event! We make sure that each of them is highly knowledgeable and skilled in different types of operations so that they can help make our events run smoothly, and offer full training in both tower/ground and approach/departure fields so that our members can be fully prepared for IFATC training and tests. If you would like to join us, please fill out this form:


Event Credits

Coordinator: @Kian_Abbasi

ATC manager: @Ryan_Vidad

Original Idea: @Cbro4

Planning Team: @PlaneCrazy, @Starley, @Ryan_Vidad, @Peter_S, @Mattheus, @Kian_Abbasi

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Last chance for me, give me ATC.


You’re on ATC!

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I will take a gate please! Haven’t flown the 172 in forever.


Can I get a gate just for the first half since I am ATC for the second.

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Gate please :)

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@PlaneCrazy as always, gate 02 ;) see you then!

@KC3DLL you’re on gate 03, thanks for joining

@Sashaz55 you’re on Gate 04 for the first half, thanks!


Any gate will do. 😉

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Sign me up! I haven’t flown Cessna 172 for a long time!

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Ill take gate 05!

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So that means we will be doing patterns?

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I’ll take a gate and I’ll be more professional than last time, I promise, 😂.

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@Niccckk you’re on gate 05, see you then!

@Captain_Awerty you have gate 06! It’s one of the reasons the 172 is being used, rarely gets flown on IF when it’s so popular IRL.

@Airbus_737 gate 07 is yours, thanks for joining

@N319CL yeah there’ll be a load of us flying patterns in a 172 with ATC. We do these events to helps members of the community discover new airports and fly planes they usually wouldn’t! Would you like a gate?

@Aviation-21 you’re on gate 08! God help us all 😂

Enjoy the event guys!!


Gate please !!


Sure I will

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Hi,i would like a gate! Hopefully it’ll be as fun as the fun like the one with the decathalon

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@Ryan_Vidad showing you on gate 12, see you then :)

@N319CL gate 13 is yours, thanks for joining!!

@Rishon_R you’re on gate 14, I’m sure it’ll be just as fun ;)

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i will take any gate pls

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@ThiagoEJ apron 60

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Sign me too please! It will be interesting to see so many people on patterns 😁