(Closed)Plane & Pilot Opening Event @ KSAN - 111700ZDEC16

Hello and welcome to Plane & Pilot’s first event. This is the first of the many events we will have almost every Sunday. In this flight we will take off KSAN, do a touch and go at KNUC, and land at KLAX. You can do this in any Commercial jet you want! If you like long events, this is the event for you. Everyone is welcome even if you are not part of the company! Just let me know and I will add you to the list.

Server: Casual

Aircraft: Any commercial jet (generic livery)

Region: Southern California

Airport: KSAN

Time: 1700Z

Date: December 11, 2016

Flight Plan: Feel free to change if one side of the runway is closed. Sorry for the sharp turns around KNUC, there aren’t very many fixes in that area. Remember to do a touch and go at KNUC.


KSAN Gates
Gate 1A= Joshua_Davis
Gate 2= @golden.spotter (leader)
Gate 3= @GoofierLeek
Gate 4= @AviatorDan
Gate 5= @PilotCat
Gate 6= @Yanis_Chenna
Gate 7= Jet_Airways_995
Gate 8= T0asty0re0_0
Gate 9= Ace_Rockii
Gate 10= ProMustafaTK
Gate 11= Crash
Gate 12= Nab2914
Gate 13= cristidclxvi
Gate 14= Mauricio_Diaz
Gate 15= DeltaCRJ-900
Gate 16= SWAPWLA
Gate 17= CaptCurt
Gate 18= MidNight_Frost
Gate 19= Dossym_Makhanov
Gate 20= Kevinlu11
Gate 21= Hyestar123
Gate 22= Kyle.r24
Gate 23= Seb2104
Gate 24= Joao1994
Gate 25= Jan_Burger
Gate 26= Xavier_Sanchez

PP001= Joshua_Davis
PP002= @golden.spotter (leader)
PP003= @GoofierLeek
PP004= @AviatorDan
PP005= @PilotCat
PP006= @Yanis_Chenna
PP007= Jet_Airways_995
PP008= T0asty0re0_0
PP009= Ace_Rockii
PP010= ProMustafaTK
PP011= Crash
PP012= Nab2914
PP013= cristidclxvi
PP014= Mauricio_Diaz
PP015= DeltaCRJ-900
PP017= CaptCurt
PP018= MidNight_Frost
PP019= Dossym_Makhanov
PP020= Kevinlu11
PP021= Hyestar123
PP022= Kyle.r24
PP023= Seb2104
PP024= Joao1994
PP025= Jan_Burger
PP026= Xavier_Sanchez

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Thanks a lot for looking and please consider coming:-)
Please don’t expect an immediate response because I am busy today.


Please sign me in.

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Thanks for coming, see you there:-)

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Sign me up please

I would love to come can u put me in call sign and gate thank you

It does what temp in metropolis time :)

@Ace_Rockii @ProMustafaTK
Thanks a lot for joining, see you there:-)

Count me in

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Thanks a lot:-)

Put me at KSAN

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That is where everyone will be starting:-)

I will tell you 1 hour before we leave:-)

I’ll join in

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Thanks, I will add you…

We already have 10 pilots, this is going to be a big event! Get your gate now!

Sign me in (gate 12) 😜

I’ll take gate 12 please

Would like to fly this

nice looking event, well planed!

@PlaneCrazy we have a lot of pilot !!

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