[Closed] Plane & Pilot: In and Out of Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International @ KAVP - 121730OCT19

Hello everyone!

Pennsylvania is the 6th largest US state by population with nearly 13 million residents. Because of this, it is one of the highest concentrations of commercial airports in the country with a total of 56, most which are of small, regional size and are fairly evenly spaced out throughout the state for easy access. On October 12th, Plane & Pilot will be hosting a flyin-flyout combination at one of these small airports. Wilkes-Bare/Scranton International Airport (KAVP) is located in the northeast corner of the state and serves the 2 cities it is named after. Attendees will fly a variety of commercial, corporate, and GA aircraft into the airport from destinations around the country and meet up before flying back out. We hope that you can come to this unique event and give this underserved airport some love! Everyone is welcome Grade 2+! Just post below and we will add you to the list.

Server: Training

Airport: KAVP

Date / Time: 2019-10-12T17:30:00Z

  • If you are flying GA or corporate, you can choose any route you want as long as you use an aircraft no larger than 737 BBJ. If you are flying commercial, please only use aircraft and routes that fly out of KAVP in real life. This includes returning to the same airport you arrived from in order to simulate a realistic “out and back”. You can find a list of commercial airlines and routes in the “Assignments” section below.

  • Schedule your flight to arrive at KAVP at 1730Z or a little earlier. You can get an estimated flight time by planning your flight at fpltoif.com

  • Plane & Pilot ATC will be present at this event, please follow all instructions to help everything run smoothly.

  • After you land in KAVP, taxi to the apron assigned to you in the “Assignments” section. There are 4 different aprons that we will use for this event, 2 GA (Green), and 2 commercial (Blue and Red). The blue apron will be used for commercial aircraft if the terminal fills up. Please park in a somewhat orderly fashion so that we can fit lost to aircraft in the small spaces.

  • After landing, please do not leave or despawn until the flyin part of the event is over.

  • Around 1900Z or when our staff give permission, pushback and then proceed to fly back to your starting airport.

  • The event will be coordinated via a PM sent out 24 hours before start time. Please be present on that PM at all times during your flight for additional instructions.

  • Have Fun!

To join, please comment your route and aircraft. If you are flying commercial, please only use aircraft and routes that fly out of KAVP in real life.

KAVP Commercial Routes

Credit: Wikipedia

Attendee Route Aircraft Apron
@Matt93 KATL-KAVP-KATL 717 Terminal
@DiamondGaming4 KORD-KAVP-KIAD CRJ2 Terminal
@anon41771314 KATL-KAVP-KATL A319 Terminal
@anon36571935 KIAD-KAVP-KIAD TBA Terminal
@Elliott KJFK-KAVP-KJFK 738 Terminal
@AryaTheLivingMeme KDTW-KAVP-KDTW CRJ Terminal
@King_Tom1278 KLAX-KAVP-KLAX N/A Terminal
@PlaneCrazy KPIT-KAVP-KPIT C208 Overflow
@ThePlaneFlyer KATL-KAVP-KATL 767 Overflow
@Sashaz55 KPIT-KAVP-KPIT C208 Overflow

More slots will be added according to demand.

Tower/Ground: @Alejandro_Castaneda

Approach/Departure: @Airbus_737

Reserve: @Sashaz55

Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions, just let us know. Please be present on the community during the event.


Can I get the American eagle to Charlotte please!

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I’ll put you down in a CRJ. Thanks for coming!

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Can I get KORD TO KAVP TO WASHINGTON DULLES, please? Aircraft tba.


Sure, I’ll make that work. Enjoy your flight!


This city has an awesome history. Home to the hit show,
The office U.S.
Sadly I can’t attend this event because I am performing in a local parade this day😭


That’s funny, never knew that!

Sorry that you can’t make it. If anything changes, just let me know:-)

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I’ll do the same route as @Gabe_Z in the UAL CRJ2


You are on the list, see you there!

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Sign me up!


Thanks for joining! What route and aircraft will you be flying?

I’ll hop on with you on the PIT loop, same aircraft, see you there! 😁

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I wish I could, I live 1:30 south of Scranton but I’ll be in school ☹️

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on a saturday? this is on october 5.

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Oh it’s a Saturday, 🤦‍♂️ I’ll see if I can!


Can you give me PHL-AVP? If I need to cancel I’ll make sure to let you know

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Pretty interested in taking a BBJ for a tranatlantic flight. I can’t do the flyin on that same route though because time doesn’t work. Can I do something like KSAT-KAVP-LGRP (so more like a fueling stop)?

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@KPIT You are all signed up, thanks for joining me! Wanted to try one of the Southern Airways Express routes after seeing them when I was in town.

@NoahM You got it, hope you can make it!

@xsrvmy Sounds like a plan, I’ll put you down! Please remember not to use a bbj larger than a 737.


NVM can you remove me? I have another event that gives me a x2 PIREP that same day lol

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Alright, will do. Sorry that you can’t make it, hope to see you at a future event!