[Closed] Plane & Pilot: Global Opening Event, Zürich Switzerland @ LSZH - 281700ZOCT17

Hello everyone!
Infinite Flight Global is released, and that means Plane & Pilot Events is back up and running! This Saturday will be our Global Opening Event in Zürich Switzerland, which won the poll that we set up a few weeks ago on our main post.
We have 3 sections planned for this massive event: First, a free flight population event, in which you can fly were ever you want from Zürich with in the given times and enjoy Live ATC. Second, A realistic Swiss Airlines flight from Zürich, Switzerland to Vienna, Austria. And Third: an amazing GA flight weaving around the Swiss mountains!
We hope you are able to come and celebrate this huge milestone in Infinite Flight History! Everyone is welcome! Just tell us what section of the event you want to join I will add you to the list.

Server: Training Server 1

Airport: ZRH

Date: October 28, 2017

find other information below

ZRH Population

NOTAM: Come at 1700Z and enjoy a 2 hour session of airport population and ATC (find out more below). Fly were ever you want out of one of the most beautiful airports in the world!

Aircraft: Any

Time: 1700Z – 1900Z

Swiss Airlines ZRH - VIE Route

NOTAM: Enjoy a realistic, International route from Zürich, Switzerland to Vienna, Austria.

Aircraft: Any Swiss Airlines Aircraft

Starting Time: 1700Z

Flight Plan:

ZRH Gates:
Gate 19= @Wattsup_jet (leader)
Gate 20= @PlaneCrazy
Gate 21= Allen_Lu
Gate 22= DiamondGaming4
Gate 23= Kizzair
Gate 24= CaptainSpeedbird1974
Gate 25= Kyle.r24
Gate 26=
Gate 27=
Gate 28=
Gate 29=

Swiss Mountain GA Flight

NOTAM: Fly with us as we cruise though the amazing Swiss mountains with GA aircraft!

Aircraft: Cessna 172, Cessna 208, Cirrus SR22, or Super Decothlon

Starting Time: 1800Z

Flight Plan:

ZRH Gates:
GA 9 01= @anon36571935 (leader)
GA 9 02= @Robert_Estrella
GA 9 03= oni_porge
GA 9 04= Joel
GA 9 05= @Herman_Henttu
GA 9 06=
GA 9 07=
GA 9 08=

Zürich Air Traffic Control

As you know, we will be offering live ATC for this event. You can join our atc team by sending @Wattsup_jet a PM.

Requirements Include basic ATC knowledge and being 100% willing and able to operate during your 30 minute session.

Tower ATC:
1700Z to 1900Z= @ThomasR

Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions just let us know. Please be present on the community during the event.

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@Dossym_Makhanov @Jet_Airways_995 @Herman_Henttu @Xpira @mmartin581 @Robert_Estrella @Livon @TJ_Moss, Plane & Pilot is back! Are you coming to this event.


I may be able to attend the third GA Event I won’t be able to attend the others due to school hours I will keep you posted but for now I’ll like to get a gate ;)

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Hey, I’m not part of Plane & Pilot, but I would like to show up for the Zürich Population section. Are there going to be gate assignments for this section of the event or no? If so, do you want us filling up specific terminals? I think doing so would make for a great photo especially the international terminal.

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Can I sign up for all of it, is it possible to do the flight then make the GA thing, this covers all my favorite aspects of the game in a country I’ve yet to explore!

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@Robert_Estrella Thanks for coming! I will add you to the GA event!

@Moosehead08 We do not offer gate assignments for the population because we expect a high number of pilots, which would be hard to keep track of. We do have assigned gates for the Swiss Airlines route though, which will probably make some great screen shots.

@oscar_mur Unfortunately, I think by the time the Swiss Airlines flight ends, the GA flight will have already started. You are more than welcome to try to make both though, just let me know what you choose and I will add you!


Thanks for the reply, I look forward to seeing if we can fill up ZRH :)

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I’ll go for the GA then please!


As LSZH is our Hub we will send some pilots there. Could you reserve some gates for us?


We can reserve gates for either of the routes, but not the population event.

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Yes reserve 3 for each flying event!


Can you give me the names please? I already have @Joel

Thanks for coming! Anyone is welcome. Even if you aren’t a member. See you there!


So is it today? Or what


No the event takes place at 21 October, also next Saturday!


Would you like to join?


Sure! And my friend maby too (onni borg)

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Which section would you like to be a part of?

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Also me! For Swizz to Vienna

allen super my call sign

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@Allen_Lu, thanks for coming, remember to be present on the community during the event:-)

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