(Closed) Plane & Pilot Glide Challenge @ KORD - 251730ZMAR17

Hello everyone,
We are exited about what we have in store for next Saturday. Next weekend we challange you to turn your engines off at 15,000 feet and glide down to the runway at KORD. There will be 2 teams. One will consist of GA (Private Aircraft) that will climb to 10,000 feet and then land. The other will have commercial aircraft that will climb to 15,000 feet and land. Everyone is welcome even if you are not part of the company! Just let me know and I will add you to the list.

Server: Casual

Aircraft: Any (See below)

Region: Chicago

Airport: KORD

Time: 1730Z

Date: March 25, 2017

Flight Plan GA aircraft will exit to the runway at PAPPI. Commercial aircraft will continue to VPBNG and then exit to the runway.


Comercial aircraft Team:
Use any commercial aircraft

KORD Gates:
B1= @anon36571935 (leader)
B2= @PlaneCrazy
B3= Abhishek_Vij
B4= Andrew2002
B5= Paulo_Henrique
B6= FlyingTiger_Pz
B7= Kyle.r24
B8= TheShadowUnicorn
B9= Jacky_Bird
B10= Faizan_Janjua
B11= @Dossym_Makhanov
B12= Abhishek_Bhattachary

GC001= @anon36571935 (leader)
GC002= @PlaneCrazy
GC003= Abhishek_Vij
GC004= Andrew2002
GC005= Paulo_Henrique
GC006= FlyingTiger_Pz
GC007= Kyle.r24
GC008= TheShadowUnicorn
GC009= Jacky_Bird
GC010= Faizan_Janjua
GC011= @Dossym_Makhanov
GC012= Abhishek_Bhattachary

GA Aircraft Team
Use any Private Aircraft

KORD Gates
B16= @Gavrilo
B17= zack3511
B18= Samiinsan
B20= Baum
B21= Insertusernamehere
B22= Alfie_warwick

GA420= @Gavrilo
GA002= zack3511
GA003= Samiinsan
GA005= Baum
GA006= Insertusernamehere
GA007= Alfie_warwick

Check out Plane & Pilot Events:

Thanks a lot for looking and please consider coming:-) Just post below and you will be added. Please be present on the community during the event


@AviatorDan @Dossym_Makhanov @Jet_Airways_995 @StarTraveler @Azophor @Herman_Henttu @Xpira
Please post below to confirm that you are coming.

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Excited for this. I’ll be using the SR22

Can I please join…

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Yes you can, do you want a GA or a Comercial Aircraft?

I think I will take commercial

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Can we even use generic in commercial flights???

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Yes, Any plane, any livery. It just has to be an airliner.

Ok…Thank you…Will see you there

We are sill looking for pilots!
The event starts tomorrow.

Unfortunately we had to delay the event till next week because of lack of pilots. Will you still be able to come @Abhishek_Vij ?

I like to join the commercial aircraft team at gate B4, callsign GC004.

P.S. when is the event taking place?

Please put me in GATE B4

yes i will come next week

Will I be able to join please?

I’ll take a gate, thanks

Can I come I will be in a 787-8?

I would like KORD Gate B4

This evnt will take place next Saturday at 1730Z:-)

@Andrew2002 @Paulo_Henrique @FlyingTiger_Pz @Kyle.r24 @TheShadowUnicorn @Jacky_Bird
Thanks for coming! Sorry for the delay:-(