[Closed] Plane & Pilot: Expressway Visual Approach and Landing Competition @ KJFK - 122000ZMAY19

Hello guys!

Are you confident in your ability to do almost perfect takeoffs, follow real world approaches, and do smooth landings? Plane & Pilot has an event for you! Join us next Sunday as we host a competition in beautiful New York City that will put your flying skills to the test. Contestants will start at KJFK and then complete the unique Expressway Visual approach to KLGA before landing on runway 31. They will be evaluated every step of the way for their professionalism and accuracy and the person with the highest score at the end will win. If you think you have a chance of winning this unique competition, make sure to join us! Everyone Grade 3+ is welcome! Just post below and we will add you to the list.

Event Details

Server: Expert

Aircraft: Any A320

Starting Airport: KJFK

Ending Airport: KLGA

Flight Time: <:10

Date / Time: 2019-05-12T20:00:00Z

Other Information


  • Must use assigned aircraft, gate, and callsign.
  • Must follow all procedures listed above
  • Must obey any instructions given our the judges on the event PM
  • Must be respectful to all contestants (i.e. running into them)
  • If any of these rules are disrespected, the pilot will be disqualified.


  • Takeoff: Spawn into your assigned gate 10 minutes before the event and do not push back until 2000Z. Runway in use will be decided by the takeoff judge right before the event. Taxi to it and take off, keeping atleast 3nm between each departure.

  • Approach: The Expressway Visual is a simple approach to runway 31 at KLGA. Start by approaching runway 4 until waypoint DIALS, and then follow to Long Island Expressway (highway) on the ground then make a left turn when the Expressway crosses with the Van Wyck Expressway until you reach the localizer to runway 31. Here is the approach chart, try to follow it as accuratly as possible to get the most points.

  • Landing: Try to maintain 3nm separation during approach and landing. After landing, exit the runway as efficiently as possible and taxi to any open gate.


  • Takeoffs will be evaluated by @Ryan_Vidad. He will be able to give up to 5 points to each contestant based on preformance in different aspects of the takeoff such as: takeoff configuration, centerline, control, and rotation.

  • Approachs will by evaluated by @Dylan_M. He will give 1-5 points to each contestants based on how well they follow the approach, their speeds and altitudes, and their ability to maintain proper separation with other aircraft.

  • Landings will be evaluated by @Kian_Abbasi and will be worth up to 5 points depending on how smooth the landing is, where the touchdown point is, how lined up the aircraft is with the centerline, and other aspects.


The contestant who gets the highest combined total will win the event and be featured on our Instagram and Slack.


IFC Username KJFK Gate Callsign
@AarkonTV Terminal 5 Gate 01 N101PP
@anon82246052 Terminal 5 Gate 02 N202PP
@Gabe_Z Terminal 5 Gate 03 N303PP
@IFATC_Andrew Terminal 5 Gate 04 N404PP
@ZB1423 Terminal 5 Gate 05 N505PP
@Dwane_S Terminal 5 Gate 06 N606PP
@Sashaz55 Terminal 5 Gate 07 N707PP
@JeromeJ Terminal 5 Gate 08 N808PP
@Edivan_dcds Terminal 5 Gate 09 N909PP
@Lufthansa061 Terminal 5 Gate 10 N010PP
@AviationJack Terminal 5 Gate 11 N111PP
@CollinFlys Terminal 5 Gate 12 N212PP
@Airbus_737 Terminal 5 Gate 14 N313PP
@Guxk Terminal 5 Gate 15 N414PP
@Jens_Severin Terminal 5 Gate 16 N515PP
@DeltaA319Fan-TSATC Terminal 5 Gate 17 N616PP
@PilotGonzalez Terminal 5 Gate 18 N717PP
@anon23647801 Terminal 5 Gate 19 N818PP
@Doonies Terminal 5 Gate 20 N919PP
@Captain_Awerty Terminal 5 Gate 21 N020PP
@GlobalFlyer1 Terminal 5 Gate 22 N121PP
@FBWFTW Terminal 5 Gate 23 N222PP
@Nathen_Magana Terminal 5 Gate 24 N323PP
@Jason_Golbitz Terminal 5 Gate 25 N304PP
@Captain_Adri Terminal 5 Gate 26 N525PP
Terminal 5 Gate 27 N626PP
Terminal 5 Gate 28 N727PP
Terminal 5 Gate 29 N828PP
Terminal 5 Gate 30 N929PP

Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions, just let us know. Please be present on the community during the event.

Event Credits

Requested by: @Dylan_M

Coordinater: @PlaneCrazy

Photographer: @Starley

Banner photo: @PlaneCrazy

Planning Team: @PlaneCrazy, @Starley, @Ryan_Vidad , @Peter_S, @Mattheus, @Kian_Abbasi. @Dylan_M


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Sign me up please!


Another competiton event, we haven’t done that for long time. Sign me up.


Sign me up🤙🏻 It’s fun to do, especially at night IRL.

River Visual 19 @ KDCA next!?


YES!!! sign me up plz


Sign me up please!


Sign me up!


@anon82246052 @Gabe_Z @IFATC_Andrew @ZB1423 @Dwane_S @Sashaz55 You are all signed up, thanks for joining!


Wow this looks nice!


WoW, this looks cool. Never attended an event like this. You can sign me up!

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I’ll take gate 8, I have mastered the expressway visual

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I´ll attend as a watcher, I´m not good at that, I prefer being ATC lol!

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We’ll see about that! 😈😈


Please sign me up,too.

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I’ll sign up. Any gate. Can my Callsign be AV-JAC?

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@Edivan_dcds @JeromeJ @Lufthansa061 @AviationJack I will add you guys to the list, good luck!


Sign me up!!

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Your gate is Gate 12 and your callsign is N212PP. Thanks for coming!

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Lol we were just talking abt this

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Sign me up please!