[Closed] Plane & Pilot: Delta Connection Out and Backs @ KSLC - 151500ZFEB20

Known as the “Charlotte of the West”, Salt Lake City International Airport (KSLC) is one of Delta Airline’s primary regional hubs. Every day, SkyWest airlines operates up to over 200 flights a day to small communities of the northwest states under the Delta Connection name. These destinations range from popular tourist destinations like Burbank, CA, to beautiful wilderness towns like Missoula, MT. On February 15th, Plane & Pilot invites you to join us as we simulate this massive operation that SkyWest pilots experience every day! We will combine a flyin and a flyout: Attendees will be able to fly CRJs and E series jets out of KSLC to real destinations all over the country, and then fly back to the hub again to land at the same time, just like a real “out and back” flight schedule. We hope you can join us! Everyone Grade 3+ is welcome! Just post below and we will add you to the list.

Server: Expert

Aircraft: Delta Connection CRJ or E170

Airport: KSLC

Date / Time: 2020-02-15T15:00:00Z2020-02-15T19:00:00Z

  • You can choose to fly any route that Delta Connection/Skywest operates out of Salt Lake City in real life (seasonal or year-round), as long as it is under 2 hours long each way. A full list of routes out of the airport can be found In the “Assignments” section below.

  • Do not use any aircraft besides the Delta Connection CRJ series or E170. If possible, use the variant (-200, -700, -900, or 170) that is used on your chosen route in real life.

  • Spawn in to KSLC atleast 10 minutes before starting time, and do not push back until 1500Z.

  • Make sure to use your assigned gate during both the fly in and fly out. Identify your gate before you leave so that you park at the correct one later on.

  • Try your best to leave your turn around airport at a time that puts you landing back at the hub at 1900Z or a little after. For some routes, this might mean turning around as soon as possible. For others, you might need to spend serveral on ground first. You can get an estimated flight time by planning your flight at fpltoif.com

  • After you land back at Salt Lake, taxi to your original assigned gate. Do not despawn until we announce that the event is over on the official PM. It should not go past 1930Z.

  • IFATC will be present at this event, please make sure to follow all of their instructions to help this event run smoothly and not be reported.

  • The event will be coordinated via a PM sent out 24 hours before start time. Please be present on that PM at all times during your flight for additional instructions.

  • Have Fun!

Delta Connection KSLC Routes

Albuquerque, Aspen, Billings, Boise, Bozeman, Burbank, Butte, Casper, Cedar City, Cody, Colorado Springs, Elko, Eugene, Fresno, Grand Junction, Great Falls, Helena, Idaho Falls, Jackson Hole, Kalispell, Las Vegas, Lewiston, Long Beach, Madison, Medford, Missoula, Oakland, Orange County, Palm Springs, Phoenix–Sky Harbor, Pocatello, Redmond, Reno/Tahoe, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, Seattle/Tacoma, Spokane, St. George (UT), Sun Valley, Tri-Cities (WA), Tucson, Tulsa, Twin Falls, Eagle/Vail, Montrose, West Yellowstone

(Routes over 2 hours have been removed)

Attendee Turn Around Airport Aircraft KSLC Gate
@PlaneCrazy KBIL CRJ-200 E01
@Captain_Awerty KCOS CRJ-200 E05
@Jack_Q KMSO CRJ-200 E09
@Dreadjack888 KTWF CRJ-200 E11
@Sashaz55 KGPI CRJ-200 E13
Baseball_inferno KJAC CRJ-700 E15
@Luke_Sta KRAP CRJ-200 E16
@Ryan_Gopalani KLGB CRJ-200 E17
@bouncy_butter KPIH CRJ-200 E19
@Plnelovr KHLN CRJ-200 E20
@CaptainRR1 KPSP CRJ7-700 E21
@David_Mullen KDEN CRJ-700 E22
@Airbus_737 E23

All CRJ-200s and CRJ-700s will use E gates. All E170s and CRJ-900s will use B gates.

More gates will be added according to demand. If you want a specific E or B gate that is not on the list, let me know and I will add it.


The IFATC schedule for the 15th allows us to have ATC for our event! We will need a TGS set up during both takeoff and landing at KSLC. If you are an IFATC controller and would like one of these positions, please let me know!

KSLC Tower/Ground/ATIS (1430Z-1530Z): @WesleyHenrich

KSLC Tower/Ground/ATIS (1830Z-1930Z): @Gabe_Z

Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions, just let us know. Please be present on the community during the event.

Event Credits

Coordinater: @PlaneCrazy

Banner photo: https://www.sltrib.com/news/politics/2018/10/25/decade-after-big-delta/

Planning Team: @PlaneCrazy, @Airbus_737, @AIDoLS, @Luke_Sta

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I’ll take a gate!
Turn around airport: KCOS
Aircraft: CRJ-200


E05 is yours! See you there!


I will take the next gate, Delta CRJ-200 to KMSO!


You got it, thanks for coming man!


did you mean KSLC routes?


Yes, thanks for the catch!


I’ll take a gate crj 200 to twin falls KTWF


I will add you to the list, enjoy!

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Thanks much appreciated


Looks fun! Unfortunately I can’t come because it starts at 7am on a Saturday which is way too early.

I have Chinese school on Saturday anyways, which means I usually can’t go to Saturday events.


Sorry to hear that, hope you can make the next one!


I’ll take one to Glacier Park International Airport thanks!

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Thanks for join us! Which aircraft do you plan to use?

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CRJ 200 please!

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You are on the list, enjoy!

I’ll take a CRJ2 to Rapid City please!

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E16 is yours, enjoy!

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I’ll take a CRJ200 to KLGB please.

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You are all signed up, see you there!

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