[Closed] Plane & Pilot: Daher TBM 930 Test Flight @ LFML - 061700ZOCT18


Hello everyone!

The highly anticipated Daher TBM 930 has been released to the public, and it’s time to see what this powerful turbo prop is made of! Join us on October 6th at LFML (Daher’s primary headquarters) as we preform the ultimate test flight on this brand new aircraft. This action packed event will include all kinds of realistic test maneuvers including a top speed test, a bank angle test, and even landing no engine! If you want to push the TBM 930 and your pilot skills to the limit, make sure to join this event! Everyone is welcome! Just post below and we will add you to the list.

Event Details

Server: Casual

Aircraft: Any TBM 930

Airport: LFML

Flight Time: 1:00

Date / Time: October 6, 2018 5:00 PM

Flight Info

Flight Plan:


Steep Climb: As soon as you take off from LFML, pull up and try to climb to FL100 as fast possible (around 4000fpm).

High Speed Touch & Go: In this test, you will descend and and do a touch & go at LFMV at the highest speed you feel confident with.

FL310 climb/Top Speed Test: After you takeoff from LFMV, climb to FL310 (the TBM’s ceiling altitude) at about 3000 to 4000fpm. Once you level off at 31,000 feet, put your engine to full power and do a steep decent to achieve the maximum speed of the TBM 930. Level off at FL100.

Banking Test: Here we ask you to turn off NAV mode and try your best to follow to sharp truns on the flight plan as best as you can. This will test the banking capability of the aircraft.

Stall Test: Starting at RUBIT, put your engine on idle and dump your flaps. Continue doing this until you reach the slowest speed possible and stall. Then level off at 9,000 feet at a more reasonable speed.

Steep Descent/Landing With No Engine: Cross fix WT at 9,000 and then decend steeply to the runway. On about a 3 mile final, shut off your engine and attempt to land without it.

We recommend practicing these maneuvers before the event. Listen to @AIDoLS on the event PM for more instructions.



GA 60N= @AIDoLS (leader)
GA 61N= @PlaneCrazy
GA 62N= @Starley
GA 63A= @Cbro4
GA 63B= @Gabe_Z
GA 63C= @Wattsup_jet
GA 63E= @Kate_Russell
GA 64= @DiamondGaming4
GA 65= @2003iggy
GA 66P= @Xpira
GA 66E= @Anthonyg96
GA 70A= @Peter_S
GA 70B= @Rishon_R
GA 71= @Cjthew91
GA 72= @Don_King
GA 73= @Andrew_Plummer
GA 74=
GA 75=


Test Flight 101= @AIDoLS (leader)
Test Flight 202= @PlaneCrazy
Test Flight 303= @Starley
Test Flight 404= @Cbro4
Test Flight 505= @Gabe_Z
Test Flight 606= @Wattsup_jet
Test Flight 707= @Kate_Russell
Test Flight 808= @DiamondGaming4
Test Flight 909= @2003iggy
Test Flight 010= @Xpira
Test Flight 111= @Anthonyg96
Test Flight 212= @Peter_S
Test Flight 313= @Rishon_R
Test Flight 414= @Cjthew91
Test Flight 515= @Don_King
Test Flight 616= @Andrew_Plummer
Test Flight 717=
Test Flight 818=

Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions, just let us know. Please be present on the community during the event.

Event Credits

Coordinater: @PlaneCrazy

Leader: @AIDoLS

Photographer: @Starley

Flight Plan: @PlaneCrazy

Banner photo: @PlaneCrazy

Planning Team: @PlaneCrazy, @AIDoLS, @jakevaz423, @Starley, @Cbro4, @Wattsup_jet


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Sign me up! And remind me a bit before in the slack, because I will forget! 😂


The title says 06 of October, yet the post says September 22 and September 6, which are both past dates.


Fixed, sorry about that;-)


Sign me up!


@Cbro4 @Gabe_Z you guys are both signed up, see you there!


October 6

Like Emerald City Flyout at KSEA (@VAnuj) and KIWA (Phoenix-Mesa) Flyout (@AlaskaAir), I am not able to make it due to being up in KSEA irl.



This is an oof even more! XD

I fly home on October 7! XD



Obviously, I can’t go on Infinite Flight at the airport XD


Put me down, I live for this stuff lmao.
Test flight 707
Gate 63E


Sign me up! I’ll take gate 64, Callsign Test Flight-004


@Kate_Russell @DiamondGaming4 I have you both down! Thanks for coming!


Any gate and callsign please. Thank you!


I have you down, see you there!


I’ll try to make it. Sign me up! N5RM any gate.


I will put you in GA 66P. Please your assigned to callsign (Test Flight 010) so that we can be identified as a group. Thank you!


One more week until this event starts! Make sure to reserve a spot!


I’m in can u add me plz


Of course! GA 66E and Test Flight 111 are yours! Thanks for coming!


Count me in! I’d like to sign up!


I have you signed up, see you there!