[Closed] Plane & Pilot: Colorado River Race @ KASE - 261600ZMAY18

Hello everyone!

Join Plane & Pilot this week as we host an exciting race like no other! We will take off from KASE and follow the beautiful Colorado River up to KGNB, while doing touch & goes at several airports along the way. The ceiling altitude for this event is 8,500 feet MSL, which means you will have to navigate through the Colorado mountains, hills, and even canyons in order to finish the race. We will do this in the fast and agial Cirrus SR22. The first one to land at KGNB wins, so make sure to be as fast and precise as you can. This idea was given to us by @GolferRyan, the winner of our last event! Everyone is welcome! Just post below and we will add you to the list.

Server: Casual

Aircraft: Cirrus SR22

Airport: KASE

Flight Time: 1:00

Date / Time: May 26, 2018 4:00 PM


  • Must stay below 8,500 feet MSL

  • Must use assigned aircraft, gate, and callsign

  • Must do touch and goes at KGWS, KEGE, and 20V

  • Must be respectful to all contestants

  • If any of these rules are broken, the contestant will be disqualified

Route: There is no assigned flight plan for this race, you can use any desired route as long as you stay below 8,500 feet MSL and do a touch and go at KGWS, KEGE, and 20V. We strongly recommend that you practice navigating the Colorado mountains before participating in this race. Your route should look similar to this:


Hanger N1= @PlaneCrazy (official)
Hanger N2= @Bajisa
Hanger N3= @Trio
Hanger N4= @Jd34
Hanger N5= @The_infinite_pig29
Hanger N6= @Kate_Russell
South Hanger 1=
South Hanger 2= @IanD
South Hanger 3= @Rynjil_H
South Hanger 4= @FDemon
Hanger M1=
Hanger ME=

CRR001= @PlaneCrazy (official)
CRR003= @Trio
CRR004= @Jd34
CRR005= @The_infinite_pig29
CRR006= @Kate_Russell
CRR007= @Bajisa
CRR008= @IanD
CRR009= @Rynjil_H
CRR010= @FDemon

Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions, just let us know. Please be present on the community during the event.


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I’m in put me down. :)


Hanger N3 is yours, thanks for coming!

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Wish I could make it, but the event is on Memorial Day weekend, and I’ll be down the shore. Have fun! :)


Very nice event! Can’t wait!


Would anyone else like to join today?

Yeah, I’m in. I did a practice run.

Sounds like fun I live in Colorado and have been to all of these airports, please sign me up.


Also, how will we race, will we all start on the runway at the same time or will it be a time trial


Can I come please…

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@The_infinite_pig29 @Jd34, thanks for coming! The first person to land at KGNB wins, we will take off in a tight, orderly fashion.

I will come too. Sounds like fun.

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You’re on the list, see you there!

Always nice to meet another Coloradoan! What part you from?

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Ouch! I can’t come to my hometown event. Oh well…

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Denver, but I have a house in Aspen. What about you?


Denver, but I have a cabin near Granby.


Looks like fun! I’ll try to make it. Put me down for a gate and callsign.

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Your all signed up, thanks for coming!

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any gate, any callsign. Hopefully I do better than that disastrous landing competition I had.

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