[Closed] Plane & Pilot: Austrian Landing Competition @ LOWL - 121330ZMAY18

Hello everyone!

Are you confident in your ability to do an almost perfect takeoff, touch & go, and landing? Come down to LOWL this Saturday to show off your skills and complete for the highest score! Plane & Pilot and Austrian Virtual are hosting a landing competition in the beautiful Austrian Alpes. We will take off at LOWL, do a touch and go at LOWS, and finally do a landing at LOWI. Also, our partner the ATCEG will be providing quality ATC at all 3 airports! Everyone is welcome! Just post below and we will add you to the list.

Server: Training

Aircraft: Austrian A321

Airport: LOWL

Flight Time: :45

Time: 1330Z (?)

Date: May 12, 2018


  • Must use proper aircraft and callsign to be identified as a contestant.
  • Must obey all ATC instructions
  • If any of these rules are disrespected, the pilot will be disqualified.


  • There will be 3 judges, one for takeoff, one for the touch and go, and one for landing.
  • Judges will be either Plane & Pilot or Austrian Virtual staff members.
  • Each judge can give a max of 5 points to each contestants, for a combined total of 15.
  • Scoring system will be posted shortly.
  • Scores will be announced on the event PM.

Prize: The winner’s request on our form will receive #1 priority for our next event.

Flight Plan:

LOWL HAMAG VELOM AMADI SBG SBGNB LOWS 4745N/1302E 4735N/1314E 4730N/1250E NANIT 4725N/1208E 4726N/1156E 4719N/1138E 4717N/1134E LOWI

LOWL Gates:
Gate 41= @GolferRyan
Gate 42= @Ryan_Vidad
Gate 43= @Jd34
Gate 31= @FlyAndCrash
Gate 32= @AIDoLS
Gate 33= @Trevor_A
Gate 21= @IanD
Gate 22= @Anticipxtion
Gate 23= @FDemon
Gate 11= @Mohamed1
Gate 12=
Gate 13=

Limited amount available

ALC101= @GolferRyan
ALC202= @Ryan_Vidad
ALC303= @Jd34
ALC404= @FlyAndCrash
ALC606= @Trevor_A
ALC707= @IanD
ALC808= @Anticipxtion
ALC909= @FDemon
ALC010= @Mohamed1

Sponsored by Austrian Virtual!
Austrian VA is here and it’s better than ever. They are a virtual airline with an intriguing young fleet and route network. All of their effort goes into creating a professional environment for pilots, staff, and passengers while keeping one of the warmest families in Infinite Flight. If you are looking for a professional and realistic environment, head immediately to http://austrianva.weebly.com/join-us.html and join them!

Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions, just let us know. Please be present on the community during the event.


Instagram | YouTube | Website | Infinite Flight | Discourse



TWR: @Royce
DEP: @Panther

TWR: @Royce
GND: @Royce
APP: @Panther

TWR: @Royce
APP: @Trio

Not Assigned: @CaptAC

You must be an ATCEG member to control Tower and Ground.

Only IFATC approach trainees are allowed to control approach and/or departure, with some exceptions.

Join the ATCEG: http://atcegif.weebly.com/contact.html

This post will be updated.


Sign me up. I’ll take any available gate and callsign


You’re signed up, see you there!


Sign me up with a gate and callsign. Early morning bird will take the worm :)


Gate 42 and ALC202 are yours, thanks for coming!

I’ll be there any gate any call sign thanks

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I have added you, thanks for coming!

Any benefits if you win?

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No, not at the moment. I will let you know if that changes.

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Can I join in? I’ll take any gate and callsign! Thanks.

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Of course! I will sign you up now:-)

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Thanks! I’m now going to go and practice some landings :)

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Is that the first thing you think about when you browsed the thread. lol.


May I get a gate? The prize should be you get an event done for you


Well… you can already request an event without winning anything.

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Well it’s some kind of prize

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We might do that. If you win your request gets #1 priority for our next event. Thanks for the idea and thanks for coming!

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The winner gets a “happy birthday” message on all of the ATCEG’s social media accounts, if you feel like sharing your birthday. Otherwise we’ll just tell you you’re awesome. 🍰


Ok thank you so much I am excited

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