[Closed] Plane & Pilot and Qatar Virtual Present: Let's Fill Hamad International @ OTHH - 151800ZMAR205

Hello everyone!

Hamad International Airport is one of the newest commercial airports in the world and is the largest in the state of Qatar. It sees almost 40 million passengers each year, mostly carried by 5 star airline Qatar Airways, which is based there. Join Plane & Pilot and Qatar Virtual on March 7th as we join up to fly out from this amazing airport to as many destinations as we can! Attendees will be able to choose from a wide variety of Qatar Airways commercial and cargo routes that serve the airport in real life. Let’s see if we can fill OTHH to its maximum capacity! Everyone Grade 3+ is welcome! Just post your preferred gate and/or route below and we will add you to the list.

Server: Expert

Airport: OTHH

Date / Time: 2020-03-15T18:00:00Z

  • Spawn in at least 10 minutes before starting time

  • Make sure to only use your assigned gate

  • Make sure to fly the aircraft and route that corresponds with your selected gate.

  • If you want a gate, route, or aircraft that is not listed in the assignments section, let me know and I will see if I can add it.

  • This a Qatar Airways only event. All aircraft and routes should be ones that Qatar flies out of OTHH in real life. More information on those here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamad_International_Airport

  • If IFATC is present at this event (not confirmed), please make sure to follow all of their instructions to help this event run smoothly and not be reported.

  • Additional instructions will be posted on the event PM

  • Have fun!

To join, post your preferred gate and route below and we will add you. Click on the concourse tabs to show available options.

Concourse A
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC Name
A1 KJFK A359 Qatar Airways New York @United2
A2 KORD B77W Qatar Airways Chicago @Everything_Matthew
A3 KBOS B77W Qatar Airways Boston @CptCalvin437
A4 KPHL A359 Qatar Airways Philadelphia @ariete
A5 KIAH A359 Qatar Airways Houston @Starz
A6 KIAH A359 Qatar Airways Houston @DiamondGaming4
A7 KIAH A359 Qatar Airways Houston @Armani_B
A8 KIAD B77W Qatar Airways Washington @Sashaz55
A9 LSZH B77W Qatar Airways Zurich @AviatorGamerYT
A10 SBGR B77L Qatar Airways Sao Paulo @Captain_Awerty

Concourse B
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC name
B1 OOMS A321 Qatar Airways Muscat @Mr-plane-guy1
B2 OOSA A320 Qatar Airways Salalah @Hamza.N
B3 OKBK A321 Qatar Airways Kuwait
B4 OOSH A320 Qatar Airways Sohar
B5 OISS A333 Qatar Airways Shiraz
B6 ORBI A320 Qatar Airways Baghdad @JustinG
B7 OJAI B77W Qatar Airways Ammam @BritishAirways001
B8 OLBA B788 Qatar Airways Beirut @LeonardIF18
B9 LTFM B77W Qatar Airways Istanbul
B10 LCLK A321 Qatar Airways Larnaca

Concourse C
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC name
C1 HDAM A320 Qatar Airways Djibouti
C2 HAAB A320 Qatar Airways Addis Ababa
C3 HKJK A359 Qatar Airways Nairobi
C4 HUEN B788 Qatar Airways Entebbe
C5 HTZA B788 Qatar Airways Zanzibar
C6 FYWH B788 Qatar Airways Windhoek
C7 FAOR B77W Qatar Airways Johannesburg
C8 FQMA A333 Qatar Airways Maputo
C9 FSIA A333 Qatar Airways Seychelles
C10 VRMM A359 Qatar Airways Male @lyle_weitz
C11 VCBI A359 Qatar Airways Colombo
C12 VABB B77W Qatar Airways Mumbai @Anshul_Patil
C13 VIDP A359 Qatar Airways New Delhi @Altaria55

Concourse D
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC name
D1 VOBL B77W Qatar Airways Bangalore @ran
D2 VTSP A359 Qatar Airways Phuket
D3 WMKK B77W Qatar Airways Kuala Lumpur
D4 WSSS A359 Qatar Airways Singapore @Erukumon
D5 WIII A359 Qatar Airways Jakarta @Ramzi_Khairan
D6 WADD B788 Qatar Airways Bali
D7 RPLL B77W Qatar Airways Manila
D8 RKSI B77W Qatar Airways Seoul
D9 RJTT A359 Qatar Airways Tokyo
D10 RJAA B77W Qatar Airways Tokyo
D11 YPPH B77W Qatar Airways Perth
D12 YPAD A359 Qatar Airways Adelaide @PrestonThePilot
D13 YSSY A388 Qatar Airways Sydney
D14 NZAA B77L Qatar Airways Auckland @PDall
D15 RPLC B788 Qatar Airways Angles City
D16 VTSG B788 Qatar Airways Krabi @masterkiwi
D17 VYYY A319 Qatar Airways Yangon @Michael_Anderson
D18 VNKT A333 Qatar Airways Kathmandu
D19 OPIS B77W Qatar Airways Islamabad

Concourse E
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC name
E1 LROP A320 Qatar Airways Bucharest @TheExDid_HD
E2 LHBP A333 Qatar Airways Budapest
E3 EPWA A359 Qatar Airways Warsaw @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
E4 LGAV A333 Qatar Airways Athens @meikaltwo
E5 LIRF B788 Qatar Airways Rome @PlaneCrazy
E6 EIDW B788 Qatar Airways Dublin @Udeme_Ekpo
E7 EDDM B77W Qatar Airways Munich
E8 EDDF A388 Qatar Airways Frankfurt
E9 LFPG A388 Qatar Airways Paris
E10 EHAM B77W Qatar Airways Amsterdam
E11 EGLL A388 Qatar Airways London @Airbus_737
E12 EBBR A359 Qatar Airways Brussels @Rikipole
E13 ENGM A359 QatarAirways Oslo @Jens_Severin
E14 ENGM A359 Qatar Airways Oslo @Raphael_Aasen
E15 EFHK A359 Qatar Airways Helsinki
E16 ESSA B77W Qatar Airways Stockholm
E17 UUDD A321 Qatar Airways Moscow

Concourse F (Cargo)
Gate Destination ICAO Aircraft Airline Destination City IFC name
F1 LFPG B77F Qatar Airways Paris
F2 EHAM B77F Qatar Airways Amsterdam
F3 LEZG B77F Qatar Airways Zaragoza
F4 ELLX B77F QatarAirways Luxembourg @baseball_inferno
F5 VHHH B77F Qatar Airways Hongkong
F6 EGSS A33F Qatar Airways London
F7 ZGGG B77F Qatar Airways Guanzhou
F8 VVNB B77F Qatar Airways Hanoi
F9 ZSPD B77F Qatar Airways Shanghai
F10 VGHS A33F Qatar Airways Dhaka


ATC is not yet confirmed for this event

Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions, just let us know. Please be present on the community during the event.


Qatar actually uses their A350-1000 for this route ;)

Speaking of which, I’ll take this slot! (In an A350-900)


I will add you to the list, enjoy!


Any A350-1000 routes have been substituted with the A359


It was originally listed the 777L though, which is why I pointed it out :)


Oh nice, giving Qatar some love! Great event guys, have fun!!


@PlaneCrazy idk yet if im able to come, might have plans may not. when the event comes near ill contact you if im able to come or not. i sure will like to come though :)


No problem, hope you can make it!


i’ll take this one QRV010


You are all signed up, see you there!

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If my schedule allows it I’ll take this please.


A9 is yours, enjoy!


شكر (Thanks)


Sign me up for D12 DOH-ADL please!


You have been added, welcome aboard!


A1 KJFK A359 Qatar Airways New York
This gate please. I will also have to spawn in about 5 minutes before the event because I have one earlier in the day.


You are all signed up, hope you can make it!

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pls could i have the B777-200LR to Auckland


I’ll put you in D14, enjoy!


I would like a B77W gate to VOBL if possible.