[Closed] Plane & Pilot: AeroSync Aerobatics Competition @ KMUO - 271800ZJAN18

Hello everyone!
This week Plane & Pilot will be teaming up with AeroSync to bring you our first ever aerobatics competition! There will be 3 competitions, one for each rank at AeroSync. Once you sign up, you will be assigned a time to perform a practiced aerobatics routine in front of the judges. If you win your selected competition, you receive a prize within the VA! This competition will be held at KMUO, a beautiful military air base in southern Idaho that is surrounded by mountains. If you enjoy competitions and want to show off your aerobatic skills, make sure to join us this Saturday! Everyone Grade 3-5 is welcome! Just post below and we will add you to the list.
Server: Casual

Airport: KMUO

Time: Varies (See Competitions)

Date: January 27, 2018


  • Must be at least grade 3 or a member of AeroSync

  • Must be absolutely sure he/she can make it to the event when signing up.

  • Must not takeoff until assigned time, and land as soon as the time is over.

  • Must preform a practiced aerobatics display over the runway.

  • If any of these rules are disrespected, the pilot will be disqualified.


  • There will be 2 judges. @PlaneCrazy from Plane & Pilot and @Etrain from AeroSync.

  • Judges will give a combined score out of 20 for takeoff, performance, and landing.

  • The winners will be announced on this topic after the competition.


  • Each winner will receive 10,000 AeroSync credits to purchase things within the VA.

  • The prize will be honored if you join aerosync when you win.

Cirrus SR22 (Hawk) Competition

Aircraft: Cirrus SR22

Time Slots:
1800Z to 1805Z=
1805Z to 1810Z=
1810Z to 1815Z= @BrunoHeinsAAT 17/20
1815Z to 1820Z= @Gavrilo 17/20
1820Z to 1825Z=
1825Z to 1830Z= @Captain_Zen 18/20

Limited amount available

F-14 (Viper) Competition

Aircraft: F-14

Time Slots:
1830Z to 1835Z=
1835Z to 1840Z=
1840Z to 1845Z=
1845Z to 1850Z=
1850Z to 1855Z=
1855Z to 1900Z=

Limited amount available

F-22 (Raptor) Competition

Aircraft: F-22

Time Slots:
1900Z to 1905Z=
1905Z to 1910Z= @0n1p0rg3 13/20
1910Z to 1915Z= @Ryan_Vidad 14/20
1915Z to 1920Z= @WardellStephenCurry 13/20
1920Z to 1925Z=
1925Z to 1930Z=

Limited amount available

Check out The AeroSync Group!

AeroSync is one of the biggest and well known VAs in Infinite Flight with over 170 pilots! Plane & Pilot is proud to be working with them during this event. You can find out more by going to their website or main topic. Make sure to join them if you haven’t already!


Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions just let us know. Please follow all of the rules, or you will be disqualified

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@Dossym_Makhanov @Jet_Airways_995 @Herman_Henttu @Xpira @mmartin581 @Robert_Estrella @Livon @TJ_Moss @Allegiantair @Matthewk17 Are you coming to this event?

You must be absolutely sure you can make it to the event when signing up.

How do we know wich competition we’re doing. Like if we’re part of team hawk we can only do the hawk competition, or can we take another plane?

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If you are a part of Aerosync then join the competition that corresponds to your rank. If you aren’t part of Aerosync, then you can join any of them.

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Also 5minutes!!?? That’s really not much no? Is there a set number of aerobatics or just anything in 5minutes or less. Also the kind of aerobatics we can choose right?

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Just anything in 5 minutes or less. 5 minutes should be plenty of time for a short display, we don’t expect tons of ticks.


Cool I’ll join so for hawk. (I definitely can make it only I don’t really know the timing with my dinner. What I’ll do is I’ll tell you a time. If that’s ok with you, if in the end that time is during my dinner and there’s another free time I’ll change. If it’s a problem with you I’ll just wait for dinner that’s fine with me…)

Edit: just give me any hawk time I’ll manage…

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Thanks for coming! Would you be better closer to 1800Z or 1830Z?

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Better closer to 18:30 Zulu. If that’s ok…

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This isn’t a massive airshow. It’s just a quick demonstration of what you can do.
5 minutes should be plenty of time.

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Add me (Hawk :)). Thanks for partnering with us as well!



Thanks for coming! @PlaneCrazy will add you.
Just kidding. Will, he will add you.
You can go ahead and ping everyone in AeroSync that might be interested if you want.


I’ve just practiced my aerobatics and noticed I’ll be taking about 6 minutes instead of 5. Should I change my plan and do something shorter or is it ok?

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It would be best if you could change you plan. Thanks!

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😞ok no problem I’ll do that. Don’t want to be eliminated!

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Thank you, sorry about that. It’s just that if you took 6 minutes then the next person would only have 4.

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I understand that’s why there’s no problem. Anyway there’s a bit that I did in my practice that doesn’t always work. (It glitched twice already and I don’t know why)

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Plz put my name in the f14

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Great! @PlaneCrazy will add you.

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Thanks for coming! do your display from 1830Z to 1835Z.