[Closed] Plane & Pilot: Across the U.S. in 1 Hour @ KWRI - 121730ZJAN19


You got it, welcome aboard!

Aerial Refueling...has anyone tried and succeeded?

Awesome. Thank you!


Could I reserve Mike 5-03 instead?


Sure you can:-) I will move you now.




Less than 48 hours until takeoff! Make sure to sign up while you still can!


@PlaneCrazy don’t forget to change the Flight Plan if the wind
will change!!

In the world time have i UTC 1. Is the time you have wrote
like to that i will use?
I don’t know.


I will not be changing the flight plan, as I already have the refueling zones planned out for this one. Sorry for any inconvenience.

This is the start time, It will automatically change to your zone:



OK Thank you.
But i mean Take off and landing plan!!


Unfortunately something came up and I am no longer to attend - have fun and I’ll catch ya on the next one!


Sorry to hear that, I will remove you from the list:-)


I will try to make it. Is that 1130Z or Eastern?


The time is automatically converted into your time zone :)


I will assign you a gate, see you soon!

As Peter said, the time automatically changes to your time zone. I would guess it’s at 11:30AM for you based on your location.


Sorry, I have to drop out due to a conflicting event. Sorry 😐


Sorry that you can’t make it, I will remove you from the list. Hope to see you at one of our future events!


Pictures from the event: