[Closed] Plane & Pilot: A350 Test Flight @ LFBO - 211800ZDEC19

Hello pilots!

The most anticipated and requested aircraft in Infinite Flight history, the Airbus A350-900, has finally been released to the public. As is tradition in our VO, Plane & Pilot will be pushing this amazing aircraft and your flying skills to their limits to see what they can do (and what they can’t). On December 21st, we will perform 10 different performance tests on the A350, including a vertical takeoff, top speed test, banking test, steep descent, engine failure landing, and more. This will all be done in the skies above Toulouse, France, the location of Airbus’s A350 final assembly plant and the place where they perform real test flights like this every day. We hope you can join us for this action-packed event! Everyone is welcome! Just post below and we will add you to the list.

Server: Casual

Aircraft: Any A350

Airport: LFBO

Flight Time: :50

Date / Time: 2019-12-21T18:00:00Z

Flight Plan:

LFBO IO14R D334L TOU45 CR404 D299K FCR13 LFCR CR410 CR214 MEN47 CI602 ICI27 CI614 CI604 CI610 ICK14 CI404 CK410 ARVEL LOMRA D1430 LFBO

1. Flight Surfaces/Systems Test: Before leaving your gate, give the aircraft a thorough systems test on the ground. First, make sure all the flight surfaces work, then test all of the avionics in the cockpit, and finally start your engines and give them a run-up.

2. Vertical Takeoff: Takeoff from runway 32L and climb as fast as you can, leveling off at 2,000ft MSL to gain speed for the primary climb.

3. Steep Climb: After reaching 250kts, climb to FL200 at 5000-6000fpm to test the aircraft’s climbing performance. Speed up to 300kts once you reach cruise.

4. Top Speed/Stall Test: While maintaining FL200, give your aircraft full throttle and try to go as fast you can, ignore the speed warning. Then cut the power, give it full flaps, and go as slow as you can until you stall. After this test, maintain 200-250kts and do a steep descent onto the ILS at LFCR.

5. Short Runway Touch and Go: Line up with runway 13 at LFCR and try your best to do a normal speed touch and go on this short, 6,000ft runway. After takeoff, start a climb to FL150 with a profile of 250/300.

6. Formation Flying: Before the banking test, try to group together with the other pilots around you through communication on the event DM. Fly close enough to form a proper formation while maintaining a separation of at least 2 aircraft lengths between you. That way, during the banking test, we can try to replicate some of the scenes from Airbus’s promotion videos.

7. Banking Test: Here we ask you to turn off NAV mode and try your best to follow to sharp turns on the flight plan as best as you can. This will test the banking capability of the aircraft. Maintain FL150 at 300kts.

8. Steep Approach: Starting at fix LOMRA, slow to 200-250kts and begin a quick decent from 15,000ft down to runway 32L at LFBO. You are not required to follow the glideslope, try to maintain a fairly steep approach all the way down in order to succeed in the next test.

9. Engine Failure Landing: On a 4-2nm final, shut off either 1 or both of your engines and try to glide down to the runway without it to simulate an emergency landing. Once landed, exit the runway and head back to either the Airbus South Parking or Airbus Delivery Parking apron.

Listen to @PlaneCrazy on the event PM for additional instructions

LFBO Gates:
Airbus South Parking A01= @PlaneCrazy (leader)
Airbus South Parking A02= @Jens_Severin
Airbus South Parking A03= @Jet_Airways_995
Airbus South Parking A05= @Captain_Awerty
Airbus South Parking A06C= @patrickromania
Airbus South Parking A07= @Imyash_Sharma
Airbus South Parking A09= @Airbus_Driver
Airbus South Parking B01=
Airbus South Parking B02=
Airbus South Parking B03= @Speedbird_286
Airbus South Parking B04=
Airbus South Parking B05= @Sashaz55
Airbus South Parking B06= @ZB1423
Airbus South Parking B07= @CaptainBankston
Airbus South Parking B08= @TheFlyingGuy1
Airbus South Parking B09= @Siddhansh
Airbus South Parking B10= @Maxime.MA
Airbus South Parking B11=
Airbus South Parking B13= @DanyyRude
Airbus South Parking B22= @Alaska170
Airbus South Parking B13= @Pilot_FMS
Airbus Delivery Parking 01= @anon41771314
Airbus Delivery Parking 02=
Airbus Delivery Parking 03=
Airbus Delivery Parking 04=
Airbus Delivery Center=
Airbus Delivery Parking 06C=
Airbus Delivery Parking 08C=
Airbus Delivery Parking 09C=
Airbus Delivery Parking 10=
Airbus Delivery Parking 11=
Airbus Delivery Parking 12=
Airbus Delivery Parking 13=

Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions, just let us know. Please be present on the community during the event.

Event Credits

Coordinater: @PlaneCrazy

Leader: @PlaneCrazy

Photographer: @Starley

Flight Plan: @PlaneCrazy

Banner photo: @PlaneCrazy

Planning Team: @PlaneCrazy, @Starley, @Airbus_737, @anon36571935, @Luke_Sta

20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20191026_145327 | 20190509_204510


Count me in!

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Please sign me in :)

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Sign me up, I’m sooo excited! 😁

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@Jens_Severin @Jet_Airways_995 @Captain_Awerty I will sign you all up, thanks for coming guys!


I would like to participate! How can I apply?

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Which there isnt any if you fly on 👇👇👇

Anyhow, Wish you all good luck with your flight testing and all :)

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@patrickromania You just applied when you made that post. I will add you to the list, see you there!

@Captain_JR There is not a system speed warning on casual, but there is still a warning sound (overspeed, overspeed, overspeed) that the aircraft makes when you go over its max speed. That is what I am referring to:-)

Sign me up with a gate with a350

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I’ll join if I’m having a good day!


There is? Haven’t heard that overspeed sound in ages… oh well, I suppose there is one, maybe I haven’t noticed it since I don’t overspeed purposely 🤷‍♂️

@Imyash_Sharma A07 is yours, welcome aboard!

@Airbus_Driver I will put you in A09, hope you can make it!


Does anyone my friend sounds about tomorrow fnf ???

FNF has not been announced yet, but it should be at some point today:-)

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I’ll take any gate please!

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Okkkk great then…

You are all signed up, see you there!

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Great job putting this event together! Sounds awesome

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What did you try to design 🤔🤔🤔

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Sign me up for Airbus South Parking B02!

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