[Closed] Plane & Pilot: 50,000 IFC Users Celebration @ KOAK - 141700ZJUL18


Sorry, but this event is on TS1 and you can’t access it if you are Grade 1. Let me know if you reach Grade 2 before the event and I will assign you a gate, thanks!


Grade 2 787 gate plz


Great, I will add you! Thanks for coming!


Could I have a gate please


I have already given you a gate, it’s Remote 10.


We fly in less than 20 hours, sign up while you still can!


Sign me in, I’ll be flying the A318.


I cannot make this event unfortunately 😞 Take me off the list please. Hope the flight goes well for everyone else!


Can you say it here when we have to go to our gates so no one forgetes


@Muhammad_Rifan_Panji Thanks for coming, I have assigned you a gate.

@Miguel123 We will announce when to spawn on the event PM.

@metro Sorry to here that, I hope you can come to one of our future events!


On my server selection, it puts me in TS2. Is there a difference between TS1 and ts2? If so is there a way to change servers


It’s still Training Server 1, it’s just the second version of it that was released last year. A few years ago there were 2 Training Servers: #1 and #2, but then #2 was removed. Most people still call the one that’s left Training Server 1, because the name stuck.


I am coming to the event in a delta 787-8 can I be assigned to gate 3?


Sure, I will add you. See you there!


Can I be there 5 minutes early so I can set my flight plan and all the correct flight settings?


Yes sir, everyone is spawning in now!


When do we contact ground for pushback? It is past 10.


After I let @AIDoLS push, which is hopefully very soon.


Can I follow you guys because I can’t keep and accurate flight path


I am having trouble reading the flight plan can I just follow you guys or no?