CLOSED- Pilots In- Bound Rwy Change Request Repetative Refusal.

Any IFATC…MaxSez: Here’s one for the experts, Just flew down under on Expert at multi Rwy Sydney , It was chocabloked, 25 was green and wide open. The 30’s with a 5 knot wind where active and pushing a heavy load. I requested empty 25 ((no Approach). The Tower routed me to the 30’s, requested Rwy chg to 25 did’nt want to get in the fast mover mob conga line, refused twice, still routed to the 30’s, went Missed +Departure to the north to avoid the Ghost which was inevitable. This failure to accept Pilots Rwy chg request when eyeballs or radar indicate there is a free or low use alternate green or low wind red runway at a multi Rwy field is frustrating. Recognize ya need to keep your rhythm and it nice to handle a single active etc. What’s the bottom line, give me a reason that IFATC’s don’t multitask + refuse requested runways changes which has been my experience for a long time. This action appears to be standard procedure now. In fact it appears IFATC’s can’t push traffic on more than 1 Rwy at a time at the “B`s” Just asking?


I can’t comment as to why, I’m not IFATC. Were you able to contact the controller via PM?

@Flightfan84… Not worth the effort, he had his reasons for not making the change. Bottom line my comment is just an example of an issue I have encountered numerous times. When ask for a reason it’s alway been bzy flow.
Not good enough, I don’t face this problem in the “Free World” at multi-Rwy airports repeatedly.


I understand, and I can see where that would be frustrating. I haven’t personally experienced this, fortunately. Maybe we’ll get more information that could be helpful here.

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I’m sure @A-FitzGerald would be happy to explain why he couldn’t accommodate the request. It’s always good to remember they probably have a LAHSO for that runway. We unfortunately do not. making spacing that much more complicated.


From experience I would do the same as it would seem as you were trying to jump the queue for landing.

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For my experience,if I’m controlling an airport with intersection runways,(we take Yssy as ex.)I prefer to put all inbounds to 30s and I’ll use 25 for outbound,especially if I’m alone and without approach,in this mode i can control more the situation.


Max let’s discuss about this via PM ;)

Bran, Fitz was not the Controller, the guy had a long Foreign Name to me.
Land Short & Hold Short (LAHSO), what a novel idea. First logical answer to this question I heard thus far. Why did’t “I” think of it LOL. LAHSO, why not implement it. Anybody who can chew gum and speak at the same time should pick this procedure up with ez. This is one procedure that will certainly help in congested “B” airfields. Allso suggest “Deverting to Alternate” be added to both the Approach & Towers Comm menu… Regards, Bran, Yu da Man…


@A-FitzGerald… Thanks for the offer, believe a public discussion on this procedure is appropriate. Thanks for the offer young man. Max

Both have been added to Tylers ever growing list of commands.


That work for me , now all we need is “AFIS”, which would revel the working of your mind. Max

(Max, I know you said no more comments, but in your defense), Michael, if you read between the lines, he was flying a GA of some sort. Keeping these planes with slow approach speeds out from in front of a line of 388s helps everyone. Even if you were inbound, you shouldn’t view this as cutting. It’s actually helpful to those fast moving heavies.

[I will leave this particular situation to those involved. And I don’t want to go back and forth about this. But the request is actually well-intentioned, nothing to do with cutting.]


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