[CLOSED] Pilot_SK | ATC Tracking Thread

I’m going to be controlling at a few different locations, I’ll give the time, date, and airport in comment and in title. Feel free to give me feedback! I’m currently closed at the moment.


which server please ?

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Currently not open, i’ll say when I am.

Ok good chanche to you

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I am now open at YSSY airport in the Sydney region, please come down and do patterns and whatever you want! 34L for departures, 34R for arrivals, 25 for GA departures/arrivals and patterns. I’m open for 30 minutes. Server: Training.

will come by and do a couple patterns. Swiss A319

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Also, if you could, please spawn in the appropriate parking spots; Terminal 1 for International, Terminal 2 and 3 for domestic, and Terminal 2 F1-F16 for GA.

Closing in 5 minutes

Thanks for the service!

Feedback as following:

  1. No pattern instructions are required while flying patterns, only sequencing (if applicable) and clearance. Also, when clearing, there’s no need to say the direction after the T & G unless it changes (if I were to do right traffic).

  2. When taxiing, no need to hand off to tower early. Frequency change is included in the taxi command when the pilot is ready.

  3. Transitions don’t need to be all the way at 5k feet - 3k is fine, also, that way the pilot doesn’t have to rapidly descend after requesting a landing.

  4. No need for “enter base commands” or “I’ll call your base” commands unless there is another pilot on final and there would be a spacing issue if I still waited before turning base.

  5. This is kinda included above - Pattern instructions are only needed for inbounds, however none are required for patterns.

Also I saw you had some issues with trolls or people not following instructions - and otherwise give way commands, departures and ground control were all spot on.

Regards, Moonlit.

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One more thing I forgot to add: Pattern instructions can be used in patterns if the pilot requests a runway change.

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Thanks for the feedback!

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I have some upcoming times when I will be active as ATC. I’m going to be practicing my approach/departure skills so please tell me if you can do tower/ground.:

EGLC Approach/Departure 1800Z-1900Z TS1
YSCB Approach/DepartureSep 29 1800Z-1900Z TS1
KSFO Approach/Departure Sep 31 1800Z-1900Z TS

I will provide more information as the time comes, i.e. runways, etc.

That’s it! Thanks, please come!

Can anyone be tower today at 18:00Z YSCB? (10 Minutes from now) Thanks! Please come by and give feedback if you want!

EDIT: No one’s coming i’m closing

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