[CLOSED] PHTO ground and tower on ts1

Same as before, help me improve my atc skills. Feedback welcomed

I am coming

PHTO region?🙈

Hawaii. :)

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I will stop by in a few - MGJ83.

I also suggest you follow the format and put (Open) or [Open] in front the title and update it to closed after you end your session - makes it easier for everyone :-)

I do update when it’s closed. I didn’t think about the [OPEN] part because I just put it towards the end of the title.

No issues, it just makes it easier for us to see when you are open or not… overall I think you did well, here are a few things to note:

  • When saying “cross runway X”, X should be the active runway, so on the first crossing you should have said cross rwy 21 and runway 26 on the second (your said cross 03 and 08) - no big deal… but something to keep in mind

  • I was landing on 21 and another aircraft on 26 at the same time, awfully close… nothing wrong ended up happening but ideally you should have asked one of us to slow down, extend downwind or last resource to go around.

And not really related to your controlling, but if you post here on the forum, just don’t drop without letting your fellow pilots know - a “facility is closing in X minutes” or at least “facility is now closed” is appreciated… ideally you wait for all the pilots that came out to give you feedback to land :-). Just a token of appreciation.

Disclaimer: I am no IFATC - so take my comments with care.

When there is no traffic on or near the runway, you can just directly clear for takeoff instead of sending a line up and wait command before clearing for takeoff.


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