Closed (Phone too hot)-ATC @KMIA (TS1)

I managed to pass the written test in my 2nd attempt and maybe tomorrow I will do the practical test. I will be open for 2h for my last practise session as a G/T ATC.
Come and do some T&G.

I’m in. ExecJet 0728.

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What region is this?

South Florida …
^Those full stops just to surpass the 20 character system.

Congrats on passing your test. Good luck on your practical.

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Sorry I had to close my phone was very hot and I had to close I wasn’t focus at all.

I will open a session later I know all the mistkes I made but I am really sorry

Nice work passing your Theory test :P my recommendation is don’t make this your last practice session! Contact your scout and get them to do more patternwork for you.

My Callsign was “KE-AST” 😎


Oh you ahaha sorry if I was a bit slow in my instructions and for the late option clearance

No you weren’t slow :) it’s not a race 🏁 Haha

But I took maybe 7 sec to answer to your rny changes ^^ the frequency wasn’t busy at all.

I was a little curious as to why you had me taxi to Runway 9? I didn’t have a problem just wondering what the reasoning was behind it.

I agree with @Sam_Keast. Do some more practice sessions. A couple of feedback points.

  1. You allowed two aircraft to remain in the pattern with different runways. I don’t think this is illegal, but not a good idea considering Sam and I almost ran into each other 2 times.
  2. You ignored me on my 2nd T&G. No instructions.
  3. My runway was changed to 09 when you had cleared me for 8L.
  4. I changed to 09 and you issued me a “exit runway, please expedite” command while i was obviously taking off again. You had cleared me for the option.

Good job passing your written test. More practice sessions should be considered to master the practical application.

Good luck.


I guess your phone is pretty


Don’t worry I noticed all of these mistakes I will open a session later maybe at 1000Z I wasn’t focus at all. But when I instructed you a exit rnwy I thought that you were the one who told ne full stop but it wasn’t you sorry but if you are there later you will see the session will be perfect (or not) Thanks for coming

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Ahaha it was so hot I think because I was also using the fast charging cable

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