[Closed] PHKO Kona, Hawaii, OPEN TS1

Will be open for 30 mins, feedback welcome please reply if you will be there

Edit I am open please reply if you’re coming


I’ll be there. Call sign NIX2545


Im open at PHNL. :)

(Get more traffic in the server)


Hey nice job! Sorry about the first touch and go I got a little confused as I was expecting to make left traffic but it’s fine. I think it’s great to see some ATC on TS1 that know what they are doing! ;)


Ok so for future reference you might want to request IFATC feedback only, which I am not but I will give you my 2 cents anyways.

  • You told me to make right traffic after the option, but I was already in a right pattern which I would have continued after touch and go, so you didn’t need to send that message.

  • As I was coming in on right base you told me to turn base too early. My 737 was not able to make a turn that tight and make it’s decent at the same time so you ended up forcing me into a go around. If you were worried about your pattern work you should have told me to extend downwind and then re-sequenced me.

Blue Skies!


Thanks a lot @N1JR I’m preparing to start my IFATC Training


Thanks, I was just thinking as I had a Cessna on the frequency as well! Great feedback

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It’s no problem just memorize each aircrafts properties. Once you get that down you can anticipate separation and make your whole operation much more efficient and smooth!


Good job man you dont make any failurs ! The only thing that have dont have to say make right/left trsffic when i am in the pattern already. Hope to see you soon as an IFATC an expert :D.


Thanks for controlling, here are some points for you to work on:

  • As I took off, you told me to expedite, while the traffic in the pattern was still on downwind. There’s no need to do so.

  • Furthermore you should stick to the downwind you assigned me, if you clear for takeoff, right traffic don’t switch me to left downwind.

  • No need to say enter XX downwind all the time, if the aircraft is cleared for takeoff, left traffic (for example) the plane should stick to left traffic for the whole session (unless advised to change)

  • Avoid over controlling. That means that commands “I’ll call your base” should only be used when really necessary, if not, keeping pattern traffic clear of conflict works quite well with sequence.

  • Let the small aircraft do small patterns, which means to resequence if necessary. (The appropriate way would have been to put me in my little C208 No 1 and heavies behind)

Make sure to watch the YouTube tutorials again, keep practicing and you’ll get it by the time ;)


Thanks!!! I will keep practicing


I am open now, please reply if you are coming

Once again i am open

I would come when you are open still open

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