[Closed] PG server ATC @ YSSY (Sydney)

Closed but will be kept for Pg server memories


Now Closed … Good day :)

Guys after talking through PM , app it wasn’t me and it was another controller !

He thought it was me so that’s why he accidentally commented on this post as I was open before that controller had controlled

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You guys must have switched just before I got on.
I hurried and joined when I saw the post and didn’t even look at the controller’s name.

Sorry about that!!

Is there a way to find out who it was?

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I don’t think so

Now Closed , Good Day :)

Now open guys :)

I’m hereat YSSY

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I guess I might aswell bring the spit


Feedback please :)

Great job!

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Closed around 10 minutes ago … Good day !

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Reopen guys !

Im coming.

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Now closed , good day !

Please come do some Pattern work to help me practice for my upcoming IFATC practical test !

Thanks :)

I’ll come and ATC centre or do you want me to fly

Do any you wish :)

Currently controlling centre

Be sure to fly aswell