[Closed] PG Server ATC @ KLGB (With Zello)

I’ll be doing ATC in KLGB for 2~3 hours with Zello. It’s my first time doing verbal ATC, so please be minded.

Edit: Somekind of connection problem made me to move from KPSP to KLGB.
Zello : http://zello.me/k/eqwX9
KLGB Diagram :http://ko.flightaware.com/resources/airport/LGB/APD/AIRPORT+DIAGRAM/pdf

Don’t use PG, it can be bad when a PG ATC comes in and sees aircraft taxing without their permission.

I am in KLGB ATC slot actually.

How are you keeping up with Zelo and ATC?
That’s amazing

Actually… There’s very low traffic in KLGB right now :(

I don’t recommend both actually… Best to stay on FFS

Does FFS support ATC mode?

No, I guess you don’t get what I mean… FFS has no in-game ATC, which is the best for verbal ATC as no other ATC can disrupt and distract you

Yes you may be the PG ATC there but what if there happens to be planes not involved in the Zello session then you get really confused?

perhaps if using FFS + Zello for VATC sessions, the pilots also still need to use the respective UNICOM to keep any non VATC participants aware of what’s going on?

Yeap David gets what I mean… That’s what I have been doing for all my 4 internal VATC sessions

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Well, as long as I don’t get confused, then it’ll be alright eh?

You keep thinking that you won’t be confused… but the best way is still to use FFS for VATC sessions

noted. Will use FFS for next VATC.

Also, I’m happy that many people are starting to venture into VATC (probably after I posted my poll about it haha)

Yup, But would be nice if pilots joined the Zello though!

I’ve tried Zello before… It is alright but not good if you have only one device (as you have to switch apps frequently if you have multiple channels representing the multiple frequencies)

I’m currently using my PC for Zello. It would be nice if PC version of IF comes out, and using mobiles for controller.

perhaps this is IF first steps to being able to work with VATSIM? Apart from the voice connections I am not sure what else would be required in order to connect up or if indeed it would be possible?

I’m waiting for that too hahaha

Though my own country (SINvACC) rejected me in VATSIM but who cares? At least I have my presence here :P


VATSIM’s loss, our gain!

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