Playground ATC now closed again at YSSY (Sydney Kingsford Smith). Feedback appreciated (please write below). Recommendations for your flight: Pattern work at YSSY (runway 07/34R for takeoff and landing, 34L if needed), fly to YSCB (Canberra), small flight to YSBK (Bankstown) etc.

It would be great if someone also opened Approach & Departure at YSSY or YSCB Ground and Tower (Canberra) for regional flights. Thanks and happy flying. See you there. :-)

I may not be on for long but come and have fun

Closing in 2 minutes due to inactivity, may be opening again in a few hours.

YSSY Tower and Ground is now closed, good day!

Tower and ground is now open again on the playground server. Come and have fun - same guide as yesterday (above).

Closed again due to inactivity