• Pattern work accepted

Come test my skills!


Currently 0 flights in Charlotte.

@Mr.Jatt , thought you may want to visit.

Hello @JDE1303!

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Bye @JDE1303

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@Aernout, you’re Advanced, you fancy coming?

Would come but you’re not showing up??

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He left that’s why.

Nah, I’m here.

Reset it. Does it see me now?

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Back and it’s working.

Only got one person in the pattern at the moment.

Hi @Mr.Jatt!

Sorry in a rush, may be back later:

  • Dont forget exit runway
  • No need for an ‘enter downwind’ after a pattern takeoff :-)
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@B767fan what runway ? 22L or 22R

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Sorry about that, Brandon warned me.

As for the exit runway, I didn’t even know you landed!

22R, I just wanted you to back taxi.

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Crossing runway then back taxi, kinda confusing my friend

I didn’t want you to cross. You said you wanted to but I told you to contact Tower. BTW - I already cleared you to take-off.

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