[Closed] PG ATC @ KPSP

Live at KPSP:) will be here for a while

On my way!

Isn’t it a little late for you buddy :)

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Ahaha no its only 10:53PM im planning on staying for another hour ahah

Hi Matey, I’m going to be honest:

  • Crossing runway: You shouldn’t have cleared to cross the runway when another inbound aircraft was landing. He flew right over me.

  • Runway 31R, don’t taxi aircraft like the Airbus 318 go to small runway like 31R.

  • Take off command: Don’t give an aircraft a takeoff command until you knew there intentions, even if it’s busy.

  • Wrong pattern instructions: You did the right thing by giving me some pattern instructions because of a runway change but you gave me the wrong side. I was on right downwind not left. Work with the aircraft, the direction they takeoff and turn left or right is the direction of the downwind/base.

  • No option clearence: I didn’t receive any option clearence, that’s why I continually repeated my position. If you are clearing a touch and go pilot: “cleared for the option, after the option make left/right traffic” this gives clearence to touch and go than do the pattern work again, with that left/right turn. When clearing a pattern aircraft for full stop it’s a landing clearence.

  • No exit runway command: I didn’t even get a runway exit command :(

  • Ground frequency: don’t instruct me to switch my frequency to ground unless I had began my parking taxi.

In conclusion you did well for the amount of flyers, though I have to say you need a bit of work. I recommend checking out our tutorials on ATC by @Tyler_Shelton.

Have a great day and keep on practicing!

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Yeah im far from the best but i will defibitely work on my atc skills thankyou for pointing out the mistakes i made it did get pretty full on but i tried ahah was great seeing you in the server, and tbvh i only put regional aircraft on 31R all others go on 31R it might be different in reality but i place the a318 in the short-medium haul category, and i realise i made the downwind mistake i forgot that u turn right twice!!after taking off my bad but i will work on my mistakes and hopefully be a better atc next time:)!

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Still open?

Nope just got off now luckily didnt wanna make mistakes in front of you or anyone else:):(

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I hope I can come another time

Suree ill be on 9AM sydney time till 10AM @ YSSY PG SERVER:) hope to see you there

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