[CLOSED] PG ATC @KPSP Southern California

  • 4 Knot wind from 330 degrees
  • Visibility 10 Statue Miles
  • Runway 31L in use
  • Runway 31R for Props
  • Patterns allowed

METAR - KPSP 180953Z 33004KT 10SM CLR 13/06 A3011 RMK AO2 SLP196 T01330061

How is the traffic?

Not much crowded, got 5 on my airspace.

I think you were the controller controlling when I landed about that time. I was in a 763 United 14 Heavy.

Thanks for your help as I made a weird decent into KPSP.

Opened up again, expect me to on for atleast 45 Minutes :)
EDIT - Hate it when you have a connection problem and someone takes over within seconds :/

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:o I feel really bad. Didn’t know you called dibs… Shoulda PM’ed me…

Ah, was wondering who was actually controlling there. You signed out so I’ve diverted down to KSAN

The reaction when you get beat to the ATC position by some idiot who dosent know what he is doing…

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Woah man relax, I’m pretty sure I can handle my own.

Lol I think he was saying in general and not speaking specifically to you