[Closed] PG ATC @ KONT- Ontario International

Evening all,

I am open at Ontario Tower and Ground.

RWY 26R for departures, 26L for arrivals & pattern (be sure to request 26L if you intend to fly pattern :-).


I will try come but I have a HW to do.

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No worries. I intend to be on until 2100Z.

Will be closing at 2100Z.

Now Closed.

Sorry Ice if your active tomorrow I’ll definitely come & do some pattern work.

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Now Reopen!

Come join :-)

Good job, thanks…just one thing, isnt it enough to say cleared for the option, when an airplane is already in the pattern, and it was told before to make right traffic? I mean after takeoff, make right traffic, number x cleared for the option (make right traffic), cause its know already to go right…if wrong please correct me…

@anon43874684 thanks for coming ;-). I do not recall giving you a right traffic instruction, but if I did than it was a mistake and you are correct. I may have given a sequencing instruction?

Doesnt matter , bro…good job done…yea did it on both approaches, but we are all learning, hoping we see us one day on advanced when iam be able to pass this test, cheers mate🍻

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