RUNWAY IN USE : Ground will notify you

Pattern Work Accepted…

Aircrafts Allowed : Only Light aircrafts

Reporting may be applied !

Closing time may vary if lack of activity

One of the best airports for scenery and challenges !

Is now reopen !

Lack of activity will result in closure …

Closed due to lack of activity :>(

Reopen Guys !!!

Ill do a few laps

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I’m coming

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Sorry guys , for a moment I thought you guys were on right downwind so I kept saying follow right downwind as its supposed to be left … Realised it mid controlling . Thanks for coming and it’s now closed , Good day !

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Wish I could have gotten a few more laps in before you called it. Thanks for the controlling. By the way me and the other Cirrus had to make left traffic from RWY15 KASE. We don’t have that jet climb rate at 7,000ft with high rise terrain to our right. Thanks for the correction.

I was NTLC red Cirrus.

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No problem , thanks for that !