[Closed] PG ATC - EGNX Tower is now closed!

Afternoon all,

I am now open at East Midlands Ground and Tower.

Accepting all traffic- May I recommend Ryanair for pattern work as they do it here IRL.
(other liveries and planes just as welcome- just a suggestion :-)

@BavariaAVIATION @grxninesix @Freddiefrogs @B767fan

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Maybe I will come in an hour when the Jet2 arrives…



I’m coming as soon as I get home maybe!

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@IceBlue, did you like my Ryanair Pilot imatation? I even crashed as a finale!

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Well, most Ryanair pilots don’t crash, but other than that a good job :)

Thx for coming :)

Lol, I didn’t actually mean to do that, it takes skill to fly for Ryanair. Maybe they hire skilled pilots and they are so skilled they fly bad on purpose


Alright ice, get ready for some testing. I’m coming to the midlands :).

  • A320
  • Callsign WizzAir 88

Adopting brace position…


I’ll probably swing by in a bit :)

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Ok, got a notification about something so rejected takeoff so I didn’t crash while I was doing something else

@Henrik_B where are you coming from?

I was on final…

Yeah, but what airport did you come from? You seem to always be on final

He’s literally shooting round patterns like a greyhound…

Long wait… I hopefully won’t use the APPR system in landing so you’ll have to test me on my landing skills ha ha

Huh, changing my callsign to “SPOTTER” so when you see me sitting in the grass near the runway you won’t wonder

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Can I do 27 so I can see takeoff a above me?

Here goes the landing

Who are you :)?