[CLOSED] PG ATC @ EGBB Birmingham - Pattern Work wanted!

Join me to test my skills!

Comment call sign if you’re coming.

I’ll come, CS129

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See you there!

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I’ll be TRB 969

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I’m there… DJH in the Southwest livery.

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You left so quick! Lol

I can PM you with some feedback and tips if you like


Please do.

I was there but my internet kept dying (I’m on holiday so not my own wifi) so if you kept seeing me disappearing you know why, I gave up in the end because it was getting worse and worse. Sorry. But I can happily report my wifi will be back to normal on Sunday.

Great ATC work by the way👍🏼.

Cheers mate! Closed now.

Thanks to the following, @Talkingribzz, @IceBlue and @Harry.

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We are open again!

Come give me some traffic! There are currently no flights in London.

sure thing omw :)

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Thanks man!

Runway 15 is what we will be using.

I am w8 for some other planes to show up. i will be doing patterns. Anyway just w8 till I request pushback, do not approve pushback if I have not requested it!

Sorry. Only did that because my connection timed out and I didn’t know if you sent it or not.