[CLOSED] PG ATC @ EDDL- Dusseldorf


I am now open at EDDL Ground and Tower.
Takeoff RWY 23L
Landing RWY 23R

Pattern Work accepted.

All welcome!

Apologies to anyone there in the past 10 mins. Was hectic having to clear up the mess that was there so not my best.

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It’s ok. I had to go for a second there. I’ll come back later if I have time. :)

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yup :-)
f i ll e r

App Crash- Back Up

Closed. Thanks @divebuddha @Normal and everybody else I didn’t notice. So busy today, but not too many nimrods.

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I will open EDDL later again.

Thanks @divebuddha. Unfortunately all the inbounds came in ‘waves’, and in order to get through all of those takeoffs I had no choice, even if it led to a mess later on… :-/. Had to use ‘number 5 & 6’ at one point…

@LSZH34 were you there?

Yeah around 1400Z as Tower & Ground

How long for? When I got there it seemed like someone had been controlling cause there was so much traffic, but they had probs just left, so it was getting into a mess.

No that wasn’t me in control then. I left the airfield with one plane on final. I cleared him and signed off.

@IceBlue Nice ATC work at EDDL, traffic was a killer there especially all those inbounds

Thanks. Trouble was, they came in ‘waves’ of 3 or 4 whick were a pain to separate :-p