[CLOSED PERMANENTLY] @AllegiantAir ATC Tracking/Practice Thread @

I a man working ATC at KJVL on TS1 if anyone would like to come
Feedback is appreciated!


What region is that?

The Chicago region…

coming as G-OJFam :)

Is that a joke??😂😂


Same here. Why unable?

Whoops sorry 😐 I will fix that

I’m sorry about that part their where my phone sorta glitches out and said a bunch of requests that I did not mean to say

@AllegiantAir A few things you could improve on:

Unable Pattern work should only be used when VFR flight is not possible, or when the patterns is full.

When I called inbound, you just cleared me. You need to give me a pattern entry, Ex. G-OJFAM, Enter left base for runway xxX, number 2 traffic to follow is on final.

Also, why did you keep giving me red runways, it’s not impossible to land on them, but it’s harder as the wind doesn’t flow properly over the wings.

Also, I made a great crash, right?

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I was B-K1419 in the Cessna 208

  1. Your Ground Skils were fine for me so I took off and you told me to make right traffic so I did. I entered Right Downwind runway 18 and was waiting for you to clear me for the option… That’s why I was report my position because I was trying to get you to clear me.

  2. I was on final and Ground sent me an on guard message!

  3. Make sure you know how to use the exit runway commands, you told me to go around when I was at the end of the runway

Just remember, Pattern Entry, Sequence (if needed), Clear. You don’t need to give a Pattern entry for Remaining in the Pattern aircraft. Make sure you watch the ATC Tutorials

Hope this helps! :) Thanks



I am sorry, like I said above my phone glitches out when you were on final and I must have accidentally gave you clearance on a red runway my bad
Also thank you for the feedback, hopefully this feedback will help me in the future

Ya that on guard message was me having a brain fart sorry bout that!

I think what happened was I was telling someone to cross a runway and I saw you on final and just did what my gut told me and sent an on guard message whilst still controlling the one guy on the ground sorry

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Just make sure you know how to control patterns correctly :)

Ok thanks for the feedback!


I am at Kahului Doing some ATC practice
Feedback is appreciated!

I was B-K1419 in A318

  1. Make sure you know how to use Ground Commands… For example, use the “Give Way” commands and make sure you watch for collisions!

  2. You cleared me for takeoff while the Jet was just starting to take off; just tell me to "Line up and wait, Runway 02, then wait for him to depart and then clear me for takeoff

  3. When I took off, I was expecting for you to clear me but still no commands were given… I then was on left base and you said to enter straight in… Don’t give any Pattern entry’s unless I wanted to change runways. Just when I takeoff, clear me for the option, but if I wasn’t the only aircraft in the Pattern, you would first sequence me, then clear me…

Make sure you know those basic facts :) I really suggest that you watch all the tutorials… Thanks :)

Watch this whole playlist!

Also, make sure you know this picture by heart:

Just in case you missed this in one of the videos:



I thought I said line up and wait though?

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Where do you think you’ll be open next?

Also, love the name ;)


You said Cleared for Takeoff… I’ll come back another time and see if you improved; Just keep learning! :)