[CLOSED] Peninsular Crossing @ WIDD - 231700ZJUL16

This time around, we will fly over one of the busiest airspaces worldwide: the Malay Peninsula. Each month, thousands of flights connect both Indonesia and Malaysia served by one of the world’s most booming airlines network.

To showcase this passengers flow, the event’s participants will be divided in two teams (Team Malaysia and Team Indonesia) sporting liveries of their corresponding nation. Having that in mind, Team Indonesia will take off from Batam Hang Nadim Airport, Indonesia, heading towards Senai International Airport’s Rwy 34 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, where they will perform a flyby over the awaiting Malaysia Team that will be holding short, ready for getting airborne, right after such outstanding airmanship piece. Afterwards, both teams will proceed to KLIA soaring with pride over the nature wonders of the heart of South East Asia.

On the other hand, we will have the honor to be accompanied by two state of the art Event Escort Services fighter jets in both departing points, flying along on lead and chase configuration.

Server: Advanced

Region: Singapore

Airport: WIDD , WMKJ

Aircraft: Choose according to your assigned team:

Team Indonesia: Garuda Indonesia 737-800, 777-300ER / Lion Air 737-900 / Batik Air A320.

Team Malaysia: Malaysia Airlines 737-800, 747-400, 777-200ER / AirAsia A320.

Time: 1700Z - 1 p.m EDT - 6 p.m BST - 1 a.m HKT

Date: Saturday, July 23rd 2016

NOTAM: *It is imperative that you strictly follow all IF Live’s rules. Comply with recommended speed and altitude profiles. Do not exceed 550 kts ground speed below 40.000 ft. Make sure to go over the following parameters before joining the event.

WIDD departure gates (Team Indonesia):

3- @Vardaan_Mathur
4- @TheRedeemer
5- krisk202
6- @Amilga_Fariz_S
7- Available
8- @sk28
9- IFES fighter 1 @AnnieCorp_Inc
2- IFES fighter 2 @Liam_Kirk

WMKJ departure gates (Team Malaysia):

1- @Lin_Yifan
2- @The_Greatest_Basket
3- @A320fan
4- @ turkish534
5- Avaialble
6- Available
Cargo 1 - IFES fighter 1 @Abdoul_Sene
Cargo 2 - IFES fighter 2

Flight Plan:

WIDD RWY 04 departure notes (BOBAG 1C DEPARTURE):

Make right traffic towards SAMKO, then DCT SJ:

Flyby maneuver:

Flight configuration:


Happy flying and keep the blue side up :)


Awesome. Your events truly are an example of great planning and effort.


Hope you can join.

I hope so too. I’ll let you know closer to the event.

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Add me in team Indonesia … Lion Air

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It seems you’re a huge 739 fan :D

Big time 737 fan 😍

Wait a minute, I lived in Batam, and I can assure you when I am at the airport planes takeoff and land at runway 04.

Oh and I’m joining as team Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia 737 800

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The main reason for choosing rwy 22 is simply to expedite the departure, since leaving from rwy 04 requires to back taxi. Anyway, winds condition will also dictate the departing runway.

No, all flights from runway 04 don’t back taxi as I experienced.

Ok, thanks for the heads up

No problem, any things considering Batam just ask me.

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Really love that corner of the world :)

Count me In, AirAsia A320.

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Can you sign me up for team Malaysia
747 I’ll take

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What Nicholas said is true you know

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IFES and IFM will be escorting this event. If you need information personally, just message me.

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I will be there! Could I be on the Indonesia Team? I will be in a Garuda Indonesia 777-300ER @Lin_Yifan. I am out of replies so Thank You :)

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Please, specify the type of aircraft you’ll be in