[Closed] Pattern Work Wanted - London Southend [PG]

London Southend Airport / EGMC’s Tower frequency is now open! Requesting pattern work on the Playground Server.

As there is no Ground ATC at London Southend, please behave well. Taxi to runway 24 as that is the runway in use today.

Can all commercial airliners please park at the East Apron. General aviation and business jets can park at other bays respectively.

Please be aware of your aircraft’s weight as Southend has a short runway and I don’t want any overshooting.

You will be told to make left/right traffic depending on your aircraft. Average downwind speed is 210kts for jets. Please be able to understand pattern commands.

Be prepared to expedite (if there is a lot of traffic). You may have to back taxi and expedite the runway. Please do this as fast as realistically possible. This is unlikely to happen as I am not expecting much turnout.



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Let this ATC come and have fun !

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Battery is dead. Will re open in 30 mins

I’m waiting there for you.

Good. I’ll probably be a bit less.

If I never come will you have to stay there forever meaning that you can’t exit the app and announce your leave on the forum meaning that you’ll never leave, ever? Yay!

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I will change the title and like your post.

I’m waiting 30minutes, look for the C750 - N1DJ

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@Freddiefrogs, is this because you want to be Adv. ATC?

No. Just for ATC.

  • I’m too young to do an advanced test.
  • I’m not too bothered about being advanced

If you are allowed ATIS I will join ASAP.

Tyler took ATIS away from us. Anyway, the C750 - With my tail poking into the ATC Tower.

I know. I was hoping it was back because when I last ATC’d I saw “not qualified for ATIS”.

You have to be advanced for ATIS. It’ll come back, Tyler is working a system out.

@Captain_DJ, @divebuddha, re-opening as we speak.


Coming in an A319 EasyJet :)

@Samuel123abc, but still you choose a NZ Callsign…

Just changed it, could not change it in the menu for some strange reason, also had some issues with the app, restarting and coming back :)

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Connection issues. Good service when it lasted :)