[CLOSED] Pattern Work @ EGKK

I will be controlling Ground and Tower at EGKK (London Gatwick) from now until whenever, if anyone wants to come and do some pattern work, you’re very welcome to, I’ll do my best!! :)

can you come control KEDW at 1800Z (1300EST)?

Yep that should be fine, I will do my best.

[IN LESS THAN ONE HOURS] Boeing 787-10 Touch and Goes Takeoff and Landings Test @ KEDW - 211800ZJAN18 - #4 by flyme2bluemoon i have an event running

How long is the event likely to last?

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I Believe that this topic must be placed in #live:atc

Thats correct, thank you… I forgot to sign it to a topic :)

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Little tip from me, in case you’re doing this to practice:

  1. add [open] or [closed] in fron of your title; makes it easier to spot if you’re active, or not.
  2. use an airport with multiple, non-crossing runways

Tale care

Thanks, Ill consider this in future

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