[Closed] Pattern work at L35 on Playground Server @ L35 - 152330ZJUN15

Anybody up for pattern work? I aim to get at least 1,000 XP. If there’s another or more windy airport to go to, please comment below.

Plane: Cessna 172
Time 4:30 PST Today or 11:30 GMT Today.
Airport: L35 or if a better or windier airport comment below.
Server: Playground

Comment if your coming. Please don’t cut in line in the pattern and the pattern height is 1,000 AGL so turn base 2/3 down the glideslope. Have fun!

PS Don’t forget to report your position and no need to announce inbound.

45 minutes.

30 minutes. Anybody?

10 minutes. I need a buddy.

5 minutes. I’m going anyway and you can join me if you want.

Time. Join me.

I would join you if I had live, but I don’t (Nor do I intend to get live).

Hopefully someone shows up-Have fun!

Best, Boeing707

No one did show up


Tough luck. Maybe next time.

Best, Boeing707

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Always keen for pattern work - I’m in Australia though, about 7 hours ahead of US Pacific Time.

This is old…

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Back in the days with my first sig and when AviationJunkie was still a prolific poster :).

Good times. Miss the early IF Community.

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