[CLOSED] Pattern Work at EGSS on Playground

Opened ATC at EGSS on Playground. Would love to see some pattern work :)

Would love to hear some feedback :)

Offline now?

Yes, closed now :)

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Ground: Good!

Tower: Few things I picked up on.

  • You’re telling me too early what I should do, wait until I am on a right downwind/left downwind. I will then say “on right downwind, touch and go” you then respond with clear for the option as left or right, with a number if there is more traffic.

  • When an aircraft is in the pattern asking for a full stop, you MUST clear them to land. After landing clearance, an exit runway message is asked.

  • Don’t say roger, with out a clearance afterwards.

Sequencing is your friend, use him/her wisely before something disastrous happens!

Maybe in a couple of sessions I will come back, with some Actual ATC recruiters. I am in your situation right now too! I want to be advanced controller, so the best option is to help each other together! :)

Any more Questions,

Don’t hesitate to PM me and I can see if I can help. :)