[CLOSED] PARTNERED WITH SOUTH AFRICAN VIRTUAL | Let’s Fill Up The Busiest German Airport @EDDF - 302000ZJUN19

Yes you can. I’ll add you @Kuba_Jaroszczyk

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Could I please get a gate to FAOR with the South African Airways A330?

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Ok you in gate D5

Thanks for signing up

Could I get a gate in 2E because I’m part of SAAVA. My callsign is SAVA114

Yes I am in SAVA

@Christoff_Spies I put you in gate D1 which is closest to the 2E Terminal since the Gates because I initially reserved for SAVA are full

Event is in less than 24 hours. You can still get your Gates if you haven’t yet

That’s fine thank you!

Get your Gates

Looking forward to this event. Haven’t been to EDDF in a while

can i take a heavy / super gate for A388? for a EDDF-WSSS flight. Callsign: NSV002 from NonStop Virtual. Thanks. :-)

Ok your gate B43. Would you like to fly Lufthansa or Singapore Airlines

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i’ll fly with Lufthansa

Ok thanks.

Event is in 2 hours. You can still get gates

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A28 British Airways A319 to EGLL at Terminal 1A

Ok I’ll add you right now

Any group chat coming up?

I was actually working on that right as you said it :)
I was planning on doing it last week but I got really busy