[CLOSED] PARTNERED WITH SOUTH AFRICAN VIRTUAL | Let’s Fill Up The Busiest German Airport @EDDF - 302000ZJUN19

This Event is now partnered with SAVA Virtual Airline! Link to their thread is below.

Get your Gates now!!!

I apologize for not requesting a gate sooner.
SAVA vice president (SAVATWO) requesting a gate please. I’ll be using the SAA A330 heading to FAOR.

Ok gate E2 is yours. I put you in the Gates I reserved for SAVA

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I’ll go right ahead and join @Springbok777 at Gate E5, as I am also a SAVA member (SAVA35). I’ll fly an Airbus A330 to FAOR, please.

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Ok I’ll add you. Thanks for joining

lets get more people to join

Can I have this gate? Callsign SAVA138

Hi. May I change to a Lufthansa 747-8 to Beijing? Thx

@United_1154 I’ll change it right now.
@Infinite_Qantas your in Terminal 2E

your in SAVA right?

I would like a gate SAA A340-600. SAVA President.

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A58 Qatar B777LR to OTHH
Can i get that gate? My callsign will be; Qatari 772, thank you, good day.

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Ok I’ll add you guys right now

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@toni_sitges you are in your requested gate.
@Owain_G Your in Terminal 2E with the other SAVA members. Thanks for joining!


ill take D8 Lufthansa CRJ-900 to EPWR, but are you sure its gate D8? I spawned in just to have a look and I was in a gate for a heavy. Also on google maps satellite view there is what looks like a 787 in the same terminal. I looked at the status of this flight in real life and the gates they started at differed a lot. One of the Lufthansa flights on that route departed from gate A17, which, when I went into IF, seemed to fit the size of the cjr900 more. I know that you have the ryanair flight as that gate, but if nobody takes that could you change it?

I put you as A17

ok thx see you there

Event is tomorrow. Get your Gates now


Is there any chance I could switch a Lufthansa A319 Gate Destination to Shannon (EINN)? Every 3 days a flight operates from Germany. Flight LH968 - Lufthansa 968.