[CLOSED] PARTNERED WITH SOUTH AFRICAN VIRTUAL | Let’s Fill Up The Busiest German Airport @EDDF - 302000ZJUN19

Get your Gates

Looking forward to this event. Haven’t been to EDDF in a while

can i take a heavy / super gate for A388? for a EDDF-WSSS flight. Callsign: NSV002 from NonStop Virtual. Thanks. :-)

Ok your gate B43. Would you like to fly Lufthansa or Singapore Airlines

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i’ll fly with Lufthansa

Ok thanks.

Event is in 2 hours. You can still get gates

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A28 British Airways A319 to EGLL at Terminal 1A

Ok I’ll add you right now

Any group chat coming up?

I was actually working on that right as you said it :)
I was planning on doing it last week but I got really busy

Actually forgot to mention, what gate will I be spawning my Aircraft on? Don’t see mine on the list.

Fixed it. Your in terminal B. Check it to make sure I got it right

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Yep, but will be flying to Shannon EINN. But there is a chance I might change my mind to EIDW instead.

As long as both are real life routes it doesn’t matter :)

South African Virtual Airways is airborne and heading to Johannesburg.
Thank you for the event. Partnering with you is a great pleasure and we do hope that more pilots from SAVA and IFC will join in your next event!

Sorry for lateness can I get the Boeing 737-800 RyanairCallsign RYR357

Can I get A25 please??

The event happened about a month ago. My new event is below

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