[CLOSED] Partnered with Air India Virtual, Japan Virtual Airlines, Qantas Virtual Group, and Spicejet Virtual | Huge Dubai Flyout! | Fly Emirates Virtual Opening Event | @OMDB 112000ZJAN20 (40+ Attending)

Fly Emirates Virtual - Official Opening Event! / Dubai Flyout!

About Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport is the primary international airport serving Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is the world’s busiest airport by international passenger traffic.
Dubai International is situated in the Al Garhoud district, 2.5 nautical miles east of Dubai and spreads over an area of 3,100 acres of land.Terminal 3 is the second-largest building in the world by floor space and the largest airport terminal in the world.

Fly Emirates Virtual is a Virtual Airline based off the real life Dubai based airline, Emirates. At this VA we strive to meet new heights everyday. Our staff is the best of best and we will exemplify good leadership everyday. We will be fair, understanding and reasonable at all times. Our pilots will be held to a higher standard. There will be no toleration of bad behavior. Our handbook outlines the expectations of our pilots. Our VA is a professional setting and you must act apart. Us at Emirates Virtual would like to thank you for taking the time to read this thread. The read time should be no more than 10 minutes. We hope you’ll be interested in our program. You can start your journey with us here.

Departure Airport: OMDB
Estimated Time Of Departure: 2020-01-11T20:00:00Z
Aircraft: Any Aircraft from our fleet
Server: Expert

Emirates Gates
A380 Gates
Gate Pilot Aircraft Destination
Gate A01 @Zak_Plant A388 Auckland (NZAA)
Gate A02
Gate A03 @Cooper A388 San Francisco (KSFO)
Gate A04 @anon39682098 A388 Auckland (NZAA)
Gate A05 @Ankur_Poonia A388 Mumbai (VABB)
Gate A06 @Captain_Tank A388 New York (KJFK)
Gate A07 @Charles_B A388 Osaka (RJBB)
Gate A08 @QVGVxnsh58 A380 Sydney (YSSY)
Gate A09 @Necky16 A388 Melbourne (YMML)
Gate A10 @anon46114754 A388 San Francisco (KSFO)
Gate B18 @Gabriel_Gava A388 Sao Paulo (SBGR)
Gate B21
Gate B26 @HazemRaafat A388 Cairo (HECA)
Gate D01
Gate D02
Gate D03
Gate D04
Gate D05
Gate D06
Gate D07
Gate D08
Gate D09
Gate D10
Gate F01
Gate F03
Gate F13
Gate F18
Gate F19
Gate F20
Gate F21
Gate F22
Gate F26
Other Emirates Gates
Gate Pilot Aircraft Destination
Gate B07 @MJL A359 London Heathrow (EGLL)
Gate B08 @PlaneGeek B77W Durban (FALE)
Gate B09 @RafaelPadilla B77W Karachi (OPKC)
Gate B10 @NationofAviation B77W Trivandrum (VOTV)
Gate B11 @Vignesh_S B77W Hyderabad (VOHS)
Gate B12 @Nils_Esser B77W Seattle (KSEA)
Gate B13
Gate B15 @SirMarkieMark A359 Los Angeles (KLAX)
Gate B16 @Mateomaxt A359 Jakarta (WIII)
Gate B17 @Clinton_Stack1 B77W Accra (DGAA)
Gate B19 @Farhatsyah_Zamri A359 Kuala Lumpur (WMKK)
Gate B20 @SebastianF B77W Muscat (OOMS)
Gate B22
Gate B23 @Tsumia B77W Riyadh (OERK)
Gate B24 @Fynn111 A359 Los Angeles (KLAX)
Gate B25 @Captainshayan A359 Houston (KIAH)
Gate B27 @Emmanuel_Mgilane A359 Cape Town (FACT)
Gate F04 @Haru B77W Tokyo Haneda (RJTT)
Gate F06 @Pertonics A359 Boston (KBOS)
Gate F07 @Dendenawesome_14 B77W Dallas (KDFW)
Gate F08
Gate F09 @jean-marc_koumaya A359 Paris (LFPG)
Gate F10
Gate F11 @Pontso B77W Chicago (KORD)
Gate F12
Gate F14
Gate F15
Gate F16
Gate F17
Gate F23
Gate F24
Gate F25
Gate F27

Flydubai and Air India Gates
Gate Pilot Aircraft Destination
Gate E01
Gate E02
Gate E03
Gate E04
Gate E05
Gate E06
Gate E07
Gate E08
Gate E09
Gate E10
Gate E11
Gate E12
Gate E13
Gate E14
Gate E15
Gate E16
Gate E17
Gate E18
Gate E19
Gate E20
Gate E21
Gate E22
Gate E23
Gate E24
Gate E25
Gate E26
Gate E27
Gate E28
Gate E29
Gate E30
Gate E31
Gate E32
Gate E33
Gate E34
Gate E35
Gate E36
Gate E37
Gate E38
Gate E39
Gate E43
Gate E44
Gate E45
Gate Q01 (Air India Virtual Gate)
Gate Q02 (Air India Virtual Gate)
Gate Q03 (Air India Virtual Gate)
Gate Q04 (Air India Virtual Gate)
Gate Q05 (Air India Virtual Gate)
Gate Q06 (Air India Virtual Gate)
Gate Q07 (Air India Virtual Gate)
Gate Q08 (Air India Virtual Gate)
Gate Q09 (Air India Virtual Gate)
Gate Q10 (Air India Virtual Gate)
Gate Q11 (Air India Virtual Gate)
Other Dubai Airlines Gates
Gate Pilot Aircraft Destination
Gate C48
Gate C49
Gate C50
Gate C51
Gate C52
Gate C53
Gate C54
Gate C55
Gate C56
Gate C57
Gate C58
Gate C59
Gate C60
Gate C61
Gate C62
Gate C63
Gate C64

→ Please spawn in at least 30 Minutes before departure.
→ Follow all instructions given by staff.
→ If IFATC is active Emirates Virtual will not take any responsibility for ghosting’s

Flight Plan, arrival info and departure info will be updated in a PM.

Hope to see you there


Fly Emirates Virtual is in no way affiliated with Infinite Flight, Flying Development Studios LLC, or The Emirates Group. All logos and graphics are purely coincidental.

We have gotten our FIRST sponsor from our newly approved codeshare VA, Japan Virtual Airlines! Congratulate them down below for their hard work in getting approved! @iJazzyman is there CEO! We will add links once they open their thread.

Qantas Virtual is Partnering with this event!

As virtual airline partners of Emirates Virtual, we are pleased to announce that we are supporting this event.

Find out more about Qantas Virtual Group here

Our very loyal codeshare partner, Spicejet Virtual has agreed to partner our event. They have just been IFVARB approved so welcome them to our community!

A very awesome VA known as Air India Virtual has agreed to join us in making this a huge event! Please check out there thread here and show them some love.


Awesome event EKVA!
I will take the Boeing 777-300ER to Durban-King Shaka.

EK775 is the flight number.

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Your in! Thanks for attending.

I’ll take an Emirates gate to VHHH, EKVA012. 77W please.

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Wait is it January 3rd or 4th? If it’s 4th I can’t make it

Can I have a gate please.


Dubai - Trivandrum



sorry for confusion, its on the 4th

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Unfortunately, I can’t make it as the Frankfurt flyout takes place on the same day.

Good luck and I hope to join you all soon.


Remember the EK crash from Trivandrum to Dubai?

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I’d love to attend, but unfortunately I cannot since I am on holiday and I will have minimal wifi.


Can I take an Emirates gate to Hyderabad EK 524, 777W? Thanks

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I would like to fly to Seattle in the 777-300ER
I hope to hear from you and the event looks awesome!

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You guys are in! Can’t wait to see you there.

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A388 to Auckland any A gate

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You got it!

I will take the Boeing 777-300ER to Mumbai!

EK504 is the flight number.

I would like Gate B4, if that’s possible?


Of course thats possible!

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Couldn’t be any happier!


You do realize the EDDF flyout is on January 4th? There are over 50 attending so not the best date…

Would like to join but i had signed up for the eddf flyout

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