[Closed] Paris - Beauvais Tille [PG] // Pattern Work Wanted

Paris - Beavais Tille Intl now open on the Playground server, in need of pattern work.

GA: 22
Commercial Traffic: 12

Please note that on both sides of the main runway a back taxi is required. Contact tower and this will be granted. Do not use the small taxiways.

Commercial traffic please park at one of the terminal locations.

Other traffic are free to use other parking respectfully.

To familiarise yourself with the airport, look at the diagram here:

As you can see the taxiway with the 'X’s are not to be used. This is why a back taxi is necessary.


The airport layout is close BFS except 22 would be longer. I will try to make would you be there in about 15mins I need to finish revision

Sorry. It’s closed. It’s boring with low traffic and you can’t get much in Paris.

Yea I understand