[CLOSED] Paradise Flight to Hilo! @ PHNL - 052100ZAPR17

Server: Training server 1

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHNL

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: We will be departing from PHNL at 2100Z and we will taxi to runway 26R and we will be cruising at an altitude of 30,000ft MSL. Do not taxi any faster then 20 knots (ground speed). We will be cruising at a speed of 349 knots (airspeed). Please maintain a safe distance with aircaft ahead on the ground and in the air and please do not cut in line. Do not takeoff until the plane ahead is atleast 800ft MSL. I will be the host and I will spawn in atleast 10 minutes before, can everyone who is joining spawn atleast 5 minutes before so we are organised. We will be flying in the B777-200LR- Emirates. We will start to descend when I begin to descend. When everyone has landed at Hilo at runway 26 please everyone taxi to the east side of the airport, the gates closest to runway 26 for a screenshot(s).

Please request a gate asap so we are organised.

Gate02: (me)

More gates will be added if more people want to join, here is the flight plan:

Please be respectful to everyone who is flying and have fun, I hope to see everyone at the event!

A little late in the game here. Maybe introduce your event a week or so beforehand next time to give participants more notice. :)

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Thanks, I will remember that next time :)

I like to fly from Honolulu to Hilo in this event. Sign me up for Gate 03.

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Sure thing :) I’m afraid I’m keeping it at Honolulu to hilo though.

I’d reconsider the approach path at PHTO. This chart might help you : https://skyvector.com/files/tpp/1704/pdf/00756R26.PDF

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Want me to change the flight from PHTO-PHNL?

No. I just meant to let you know that as it looks right now, the approach to PHTO would be quite unrealistic and dangerous.

How is it dangerous? We can just fly over the mountains. But I can change the flight plan if you want?

Sign me up! :) Would be excited to join

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tbh… Its an EXTREMELY dangerous approach (Theres a reason why they dont fly in that way… (I believe there have also been crashs… Dont quote me on that)

I’ve changed the flight plan, do you want to join us?

I would… Ill conform on Wednesday… But I think I can…

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Do you want gate 05?

Sure! Go for it!!!

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Can I have one gate please

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Just to confirm to everyone who will be participating in this event, the times are: UK time:9PM, 5PM EST, 2PM PST, if you are in a country other than the UK or USA, let me know, if you are in france or germany the event will begin at 10PM

Hi there, I want to participate too, so I want a gate please

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Hi there,I can partecipate event.
Thank you Marco from Italy

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Spawn now please. Event starts in 5 minutes.