(CLOSED) Parade of the Islands @ NTAA 251645ZJAN19

Hello IFC! I would like to offer a flyout tonight to showcase the new Air Tahiti Nui Dreamliners, that were delivered about a month ago. Out flight’s first aircraft will depart at 8:45 Pacific Time from NTAA. Here is our main route info.

NTAA (Takeoff Runway 04 NW), AA402, SALUT, AA505, TM410, FTM12, D252R, D239R, OVINI, AA410, AA506 (Recommended AP Disconnect), D220C, NTAA (Landing Runway 04)
Our cruise speed will be 240 Kts
Our cruising altitude will be 4000 ft
We have 6 gates available
We are flying in the Training Server
Aircraft is 787-9 in Air Tahiti Nui livery

This flyout is viewing the island of Moorea arguably considered one of the prettiest pacific islands in the world. Check out this website if you like Air Tahiti Nui. Please give some feedback on the website if possible. We are in the application process, and are waiting to hear back to see if we can be allowed to apply to be a certified VA. www.atnvirtualif.weebly.com/

Here are our pilots participating. When a pilot wants to join the flyout, they will be added to the list by about 8:00 pacific time.


Please Comment Below if you want in!

I might have messed up the Zulu time just so everyone knows.

Hey there! This looks like a fun group flight. As such, I have moved it to #live:groupflights for you. However, the guidelines for this category state that no gates should be assigned. I recommend just removing those from the body of your post. I also recommend checking the guidelines for this category, which can be found here:

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask here or DM me.

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All of the other flyouts I have seen have Gate Assignments.

Those are in #live:events, which are scheduled events that occur farther than three (3) hours away. They require a user to be TL2, while this category does not. The guidelines for this category also specifically say that no gates or pilot slots should be assigned. By the way, your Zulu time conversion is correct. :)

Thanks. Okay, so I should take the gates off? The only reason I did that was because all of the gates are super close together and I wanted to keep everything realistic like with no merged planes.

Yup! If you take the gates away, it’s good.

Fixed it! Thanks for the help.

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Anytime! Happy to help and best of luck! :)

Thanks again!

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whats the date for this

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