[CLOSED] Panther’s Approach tracking thread

Currently Open at ( CLOSED )
Estimated time of closing N/A
Average score^ 10/10

Hey all, I’ve been in IFATC for over a year now, and I think it’s time to challenge myself with approach!
I’ve been working with @Hezz and practicing my skills.

Please rate out of 10
And add information as to why you chose that number
Must be 1000ft above terrain
30 degree or less intercept
5NM or 1000ft away from other planes

^average score I will calculate the average of the scores that you give me.


Currently open at YSCB! Please come.

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Congrats on starting your radar training 😉 I’ll be sure to hop by every once in a while. Cheers!


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Currently at NZAA! Please come and do some radar patterns


Whuch rwy is the active !!!

23L. Gusting 23kts. Don’t you have weather?

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Thanks for coming. Please give a rating out of 10 and feedback if you wish :)

I get wifi lag…screws up wx…l though you wanted another round !!!

Sorry, I need to sleep. Maybe next time (feedback?!)

You did great… l will be watching for you to open again…you get a 10 !!!

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Currently at YSCB (TS1) please come down!


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