[CLOSED] Palm Springs Summer Getaway @ MMTJ - 161200ZJUL16

I’ll take gate 5!!! I want in on this 😅😅🛫

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Yep, just like last Saturday’s event :)

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Alright I will try to make it (: please reserve 12 for me.

Thanks a lot for inviting me.


Something im interested in but Im not 100% literate about aviation and can get overwhelmed by the acronyms.

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Add me I’ll be there in Embraer 190 Jet Blue livery and I’ll take gate 9

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What time is it for me ? I’m Pacific Time

I am afraid, quite early, 5 am PDT

I’ll take gate 11 in a 717 and what is the time I’m very very confused. I live on EST.

Just Google ZULU time and make the conversion to your local time ;)

I’ll be gate six

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Why no q400

It’s a tropical aircraft!

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I doesn’t a q400 fly faster then a ejet

Heads up fellow pilots! For those who are scheduled to participate, we have a Zello channel available for the event. If you’d like to join, just PM me.

I want a gate please

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Hi I would like to join

Gate 13 is yours

Thank you. At tijuana yes?

Yes, advanced server . Make sure you check when the event is in your local time

I’d love a gate please.

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My local time is bst